To Kill A Mockingbird Point Of view Assignment By jake weisbecker

Entry #1: Dill drinks Mr Raymond's "mysterious liquid"

Perspective: Dill

Today I sipped Mr Raymond's drink and I realized it was just soda. After I sipped this drink I thought to myself, why does Mr Raymond play this role if he doesn't actually live it? Mr Raymond has a nice wife but she is not like the rest of the town, Mr Raymond's wife is Black. Mr Raymond is not an alcoholic , he is just scared in the face of extreme hatred. Rather than standing up to the town and living the regular life he should be living, he caves under the "scum" label the rest of the town gives him. This fear Raymond feels makes me question if this is simple ol' Maycomb or a social latter motivated by only one thing... Hate.

Entry #2: Atticus shoots Tim Johnson

Perspective: Jem

I have always thought of Atticus as an old man who doesn't take action. Throughout my youth, I have not seen Atticus the way other children see their strong, young fathers. Since I have learned about Atticus' new talent it showed me how strong he actually is. I am glad my father does not present himself as one of those Strong, young fathers. Atticus shows his strength by handling situations in the face of hate and coming out as the better man. Atticus decided to take Tom Robinson's case and I know he will protect him to his full capabilities no matter what. When my father is faced by a mad dog in his life, he acts against it in order to protect what's right.

Entry#3: Tom Robinson on the stand


A black man testifying against a white man is suicide but I Can't do anything but pray for Tom. This is not a trial regarding the rape of a young woman, it is the reputation of the white south. If Tom is found not guilty the south hierarchy over blacks' is broken and a white woman's reputation is tarnished by a black man. I would like to wonder why things are like this but i know deep down racism is engraved into our town. Tom proves he is innocent on the stand, and Mayella proves how guilty she actually is. This angers Bob Ewell and i can see it in his face. After this all is over, I pray for the well being of everybody involved in this trial.

Entry#4: The Cover up of Bob Ewell's death

Perspective: Heck Tate

Arthur only helped these children because they were in danger, but publicity for a man like him after years of being locked down is a. Arthur is in a weak state and is not suited to be on trial. This judge mental town of Maycomb will not understand this and will judge this poor man and perceive him as guilty. I cannot in my right mind publicize this case and have this man gain attention. The truth is not always proven and that was shown by Tom Robinson's case and there is a high chance Boo may be convicted. Arthur Radley helped kids who were in need and saved them from danger and that is all that matters to me. Bob Ewell fell on his knife after attempting to murder these children.

To kill a mockingbird is a book full of morals and there is a lot to learn from it. I learned a number of things. First of all, I learned about the unjust conditions Blacks had to live in and their struggle to survive. Also , I learned that as you mature things make more sense to you and you start to see the truth in the world. The purpose of this assignment was for the major topics to make more sense to the reader. Also, To kill a mockingbird makes a point of putting yourself in somebody else's shoes. This assignment puts us in the perspective of the characters hence the name "point of view assignment".


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