The Titanic:Family Holiday Mckenzie broadwater

On one late night on 14 April,1912 at 11:40 in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, there was a ship called the Titanic or the unsinkable ship. The Titanic was also a big, massive ship. The Titanic hit an iceberg and scraped along the side of The Titanic. The Titanic was going 20.5 knots. The Titanic was slowly sinking, and everyone started to panic.

The Story Begins

The Robertson family was going on a family holiday on 13 April,1912 to the Titanic. The Robertson family was a family of 5. The mum was named Holly, The dad was named George, The oldest girl was named Anna, The youngest girl was named Abigail, and the middle child, which was a boy was named Alexander. The first thing the Robertson family did was eat lunch because they were super hungry. The mum, Mrs. Holly turned on the cooker and made the family maize salad. That is the Robertson family love the best.

The Maize Salad

Alexander asked Mr.Robertson his dad, "How long will we stay here on this amazing ship?"

Mr.Robertson answered, "For a fortnight"

"Yay, I cannot wait to tell my friends" Alexander said with happiness

After the kids ate lunch they, always have a dessert right after so the the kids wanted biscuits and milk or jelly. So Anna and Alexander ate biscuit and milk while Abigail ate jelly.

The Day of Sadness

The next day which was 14 April, they woke up about 8 and Alexander and Anna got in an argy-bargy about who was going to change Abigail's nappies. So Mr.George said, Anna change the nappies and Alexander throw it in the dustbin. Then Abigail started to cry to there was only 1 thing that would make her better, her dummy for baby and they would not find it so, they looked in Mr.Holly's handbag and no luck. Then, they looked in the pullover that Abigail wore the day before. Then, they found the dummy in her pullover.

Baby Abigail

Then when Mrs.Holly woke up she cooked breakfast and she made pancakes, eggs and bacon. The kids loved bacon,eggs and pancakes, they would eat it any day, all day. They liked just plain pancakes but, they loved it when they had powered sugar on there pancakes to make it more sweeter.

Later that Afternoon, Alexander and Anna were watching the telly and ate ice lollies.

Mr.George took of his durgarees and put on his pyjamas because he was super tired

They opened up there wardrobe then, they change from their trouser and shirt into there pyjamas. Then, it was late that night about 11:40, when they heard a big scrape on the boat so they all woke up. Then,

Mr.Robertson said" it was there neighbour"

So they all were calm then, they all went back to sleep

Then the Robertson's heard a loud bang on the door and a man yelling "THE SHIP IS SINKING!" So, The Robertson's started to panic and Then, George pulled back the curtians the he jumped out of the ship because he know he was going to die soon. Mrs.Holly Robertson was crying so hard because her husband died so, she jumped and died and it left Anna,Alexander,and Abigail alone. They were crying so hard because both of there parents died so, Anna held Abigail and jumped off the Titanic with there brother, Alexander by their sides.


British Word: Knots-Miles Per Hour(MPH),Holiday- Vacation, Mum-Mom, Maize-Corn, Fortnight- 2 Weeks, Argy Bargy-Argument, Nappy-Diapers, Dustbin-Garbage Can, Dummy- Pacifier, Handbag-Purse, Pull Over-Jacket/Sweater, 14 April- April 14, Jelly-Jello,Biscuits-Cookies, Telly-TV(Television),Ice Lolly-Popsicle, Neighbours-Neighbors, Trousers-Pants, Pyjamas-Pajamas, Wardrobe-Closet, Dungarees- Overalls, Curtains- Drapes


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