# 24 - Spark Today's App is 'S' for Spark (Adobe Spark) - Please keep scrolling and enjoy. If you like the 'App' then please click the 'Appreciate' button at the end...

'S' is for Spark - Adobe Spark. Create engaging content quickly using Spark

The content here has been created using Adobe Spark (Spark page).

You can also use Adobe Spark to create a short video (a video) or an infographic quickly and professionally (a post).

A post allows you to create a graphic quickly - suitable for Facebook, Instagram, Blog post, and a variety of pre-set sizes... simply choose a photo, add text, change colours/fonts/ etc...
YouTube size image created using 'Post' - 30 seconds to add a photo/text .
Create a Spark video using text and images quickly... add, edit and create a video quickly. share by email or embed.

Please watch this short video created - in under 2 minutes...

Create your storyboard using Adobe Spark. Create a training guideĀ using Spark - add in some images, text, weblinks, video from YouTube and much, much more...

Thanks for looking. Now it's over to you...

Created By
Gerard Roarty


Main photo - by Gerry Roarty

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