P.E Curriculum "You are your only limit"


At Whiston Worrygoose, we recognise the fundamental role that regular physical activity plays in children’s lives. As part of our commitment to ensure that all children lead a healthy lifestyle, active learning is at the centre of our pedagogy. We believe every child should have the opportunity to take part in physical activity daily and become more physically confident and competent. We hope that, through all the sporting opportunities and physical activity we offer, the children will potentially develop a love and passion for sport and continue out of school and into their later lives.

Essential Knowledge for P.E

Knowledge of:

• the importance of leading a healthy, active lifestyle.

• the relevant rules, tactics, techniques and equipment.

• how to improve their own and others’ performance.

• successful experts in their field.

Essential Skills for P.E

The ability to:

• coordinate movements, balance and develop agility.

• sequence and link movements with control.

• run, jump, throw, catch and strike.

• use equipment with control and coordination to participate in competitive games.

• swim a short distance using a range of strokes.


At Whiston we plan for P.E using the National Curriculum objectives to ensure a robust and thorough approach. Teachers follow the Long Term Plan and have access to sequential medium term planning through an app which guarantees a whole school progressive outlook. Additionally, before each new unit of work is introduced, staff study their allocated technical vocabulary as well as sport specific vocabulary found within the P.E Knowledge and Skills document. We think it is crucial for children to be involved in a range of sporting activities, therefore our Long Term Plan is tailored in a way children get the opportunity to try a variety of sports both within the curriculum and throughout the WOW day experiences. At Whiston Worrygoose we are lucky to have a variety of sporting experts who deliver some of the lessons to the children and offer incredible CPD for staff. These sessions are ran by external providers such as: Live and Learn, Louise our amazing dance teacher, Chance2Shine, Rotherham Titans and many more.

WOW Days

At Whiston, we believe it is vital that every child's journey is a magical, exciting time which they cherish and remember. To support this notion, we invite in unique sporting specialists to deliver a one off session for all pupils across our school. Some of these exciting WOW days have included events such as: skateboarding, taekwondo, fencing and hula-hooping

Sports Leaders

It is of paramount importance that we help build sporting leaders at Whiston. We aim to offer a variety of children the opportunity to lead sporting activities, organise games and events and learn to lead by example. By empathising leadership, we aim for children to learn the importance of communication, collaboration, perseverance and a respect for rules.

Competitive Sport

Intra-School Tournaments - All KS1 and KS2 children will now take part in sport specific competitions that are in line with their PE lessons . Each year group will compete in their designated group at different times throughout the final week of the half term. Points will be added together from each year’s results and a trophy will then be awarded to the overall team with the most points.

Inter-School Tournaments - Each week at Whiston we take part in competing at various sporting events throughout the year which is organised by Live and Learn. Pupils are selected to represent our school based not only on merit, but on attitude and passion for the sport. At Whiston we are striving to be as competitive as possible when attending inter-school tournaments while still aiming to ensure that every pupil has the same opportunity to try out for the team.