Central High School and CyberSchool Graduation 2021 By Camille Berko

Teachers Kelly Erikson, left; John Williams, middle; and Issac Sorensen, right; file in towards their seats as the ceremony starts. There were 13 CHS staff members and six school board members in attendance at Wednesday night's event.

Photo by Camille Berko

R.J. Laffrey, top left, and Max Saunders, top right and bottom, express their excitement as they take their seats at the beginning of the ceremony. Of the 50 seniors, 29 took the opportunity to walk at graduation. (Photo by Camille Berko)

Mia Abraham performs the National Anthem as the ceremony began for her fellow graduating seniors.

Photo by Camille Berko

Principal Kevin Berko delivers a heartfelt speech to kick-start the ceremony and Superintendent Andy Ingall provides the certification of graduates. (Photos by Camille Berko)
Graduates celebrate with their presenters on stage after receiving their diplomas. Each student got to choose whoever they wanted to hand them their diploma. Many chose family members or influential teachers. (Photos by Camille Berko)
CHS service dog, Bear, decides to take a rest before crossing the stage to retire. Paraprofessional Dawn Lintjer laughs along with the crowd while attempting to coerce him into moving again. She is retiring this year along with Bear. (Photo by Camille Berko)

Avery Lautenschlaeger smiles moments before everyone moved their tassels and tossed their caps to end the ceremony.

Photo by Camille Berko

Graduates meet with family and friends for the first time as alumni after the service. It was a bittersweet night for all. (Photos by Camille Berko)