Photography tell a story

What do we do?

Photographers use creativity and a good eye to capture a moment in time through a photo. The photo should illustrate and emotion and tell a story of a certain event.


The earning potential for this job is about $31,710 per year.


The occupation requires a high school degree or equivalent but most people interested in the field take classes to earn a degree. No specific training is needed, but it is good to have a lot of practice. There are many opportunities for advancement in the field that will come with practice.

The Job

Employment opportunities include jobs in news, commercials, advertising, portraits, and self-employment. There is not really a need for this job, but there are many opportunities for it.

The projected employment for this occupation is 124,900 and there is a 3% growth rate.

Related occupations include: Architects, Fashion Designers, Desktop Publishers, Film and Video Editors, and Graphic Designers.

Travel the World

The photographer’s work environment varies dependent on their specialty. Some photographers may stand or walk for long periods of time while carrying equipment and some may work from planes or helicopters. Travel may also be involved as well.

Tell the World a story! Become a photographer.


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