A Dust Storm is rolling into The central territory! "Who the hell is sweeping???"

We are sweeping Fame!! Period!
the brooms are out, and the Tx-W 1st Quarter Fame sweep is kicking the dust up!!!
Pettit will Fame Q1 in Amarillo!!
Potter will Fame Q1 in Midland!!
Out near the stockyards, Williams will Fame q1 in Bridgeport!!
Carthel will FAMe Q1 in Lubbock!!
Mosley will Fame Q1 in Odessa!!
Wilkinson will Fame Q1 In Lubbock!!
Do you see the dust coming??? Clark, Bradshaw, and Parker have their brooms!! They're ready to kick the dust up and help y'all get there!!!
The Texas-West market will have a Fame sweeep in Q1!!!! We will walk into central territory July Hub as the team with the highest percentage of fame qualifiers!!!!!!!
We are about to make some $hit happen and kick up some dust in the Central territory!!
First downs in Wk11 will put you in the red zone wk12 ... so that you can punch it across the goal line Week 13!! BAM!!!
We own it. Zero excuses.
What's your first Fame worth to your family???
Go get your $100,000-Plus bonus. It's real!! 4for4 in 2017.
But first you have to finish strong this March!! Knock it out!!
We win more, together!!

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