Skull Face Series CONCEPT ART

The gallery that follows is comprised of visual development images for a proposed adaptation of Robert E. Howard's 1929 novel SKULL FACE. Watch the "rip-o-matic" trailer below and delve into the dark world of Skull Face the Series.

International travelers to Carcossa often arrive via airship, mostly to towering zeppelin mooring masts in the downtown district of Yoshiwara.

Zahr A'Din and Rico are employed by the Agency to combat the supernatural scum of the City of Carcossa.

Frank Bottoms, star of stage and screen, becomes embroiled in a supernatural plot with his boss’s assistant, Melody McMurty.

Frank and Melody are brought to the Ghoul Undercity, Zul Bah-Sair.

Unscrupulous members of the faculty at Hoffman University are on the payroll of the All-Master.

Prolonged exposure to the Moonstone of Asphodel turned an Austrian viscount into… something else.

Rico and Zahr A’Din do business from an industrial warehouse in the Riverstreet District

Brigitte Wong forgot her past life as a member of the royal court of Stygia, but as her memory returns so does her vast power.

The glimmering art-deco skyscrapers of Carcossa are a constant reminder of the vast economic discrepancies present in the city.


The Conferencier is the master of ceremonies at one of the city’s most notorious night spot. The Agency allows D’Erlette’s a certain amount of magic to lure practitioners into greater crimes.

The Bayside District is peppered with seaplane ports, through which a great deal of occult merchandise and supernatural traffic flows.

Only the city’s rich elite are welcome at this exclusive seaside nightspot.

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