Who Am I? Exploring career options- Jess lupton

Table Of Contents

  1. Strengths/Weaknesses
  2. Plans/Goals
  3. Interest Profiler: Analysis
  4. IDEAS: Analysis
  5. Workplace Importance Locator: Analysis
  6. Career Cluster: Analysis
  7. Careers of Interest
  8. Education
  9. School Options
  10. Companies of Interest



  • Dedicated and hard working
  • Strong ability to adapt
  • Willingness to follow detailed instructions
  • Eager to learn
  • Strong leadership skills


  • Does not work well in unfriendly work environment
  • Unaccustomed to slow paced occupations



  • Continue working (Regal Entertainment)
  • Apply for higher position (management)
  • Winter/Spring semester of College (2018)
  • 2 year associate's degree at College of Western Idaho


  • Associates degree in English Composition
  • Management with Regal Entertainment
  • Stable income ($10+ per hour)

Interest profiler: Analysis


  • Logical thinking rather than physical tasks
  • Solve problems mentally
  • Reason based methods
  • Environmental, science, agriculture fields


  • Forms, designs and patterns
  • Prefer working without a strict set of rules
  • Appreciate self-expression
  • Painters, architects, editors, designers, writers

IDEAS: Analysis

Writing (Artistic)

  • Communications, journalism, literature
  • High school teachers, librarians, news reporters

Investigative (Science)

  • Biology, chemistry, engineering, sustainability, astronomy
  • Astronomer, biologist, chemist, civil engineers

Workplace Importance Locator: Analysis

Achievement and Support

  • Enjoy seeing results
  • Like feeling accomplished after tasks
  • Feel supported by superiors
  • Prefer being trained extremely well

Relationships and Recognition

  • Prefer friendly work environment
  • Not pressured to go against morals
  • Jobs where people hold some power
  • Opportunity to advance within the company

Career Cluster: Analysis

Career Cluster: Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

  • Interests include science, animals and nature
  • Selling/making products from plants/animals

Career Cluster: Arts, Video Technology and Communications

  • Visually oriented
  • Performer or artist
  • Access creative talents
  • Technical skills

What careers interest me?


  • Publishing firms, copy editors
  • Prepare, rewrite, and edit writing to improve it
  • Correct facts, spelling and grammar
  • Write headlines, captions or columns
  • $34,000 annual salary


  • Express and interpret information
  • Creative writing
  • Fantasy/romance/fiction/mystery
  • $ 61,000 annual salary


  • Associate of Arts Degree- English
  • Liberal Art Degree- English
  • Bachelors Degree- English, Literature, Communications

School Options: Me

  • College of Western Idaho (Accepted 2/24/17)
  • Associate of Arts Degree- English

Companies of Interest

Self Employment

  • 6% of writers are self employed (US)
  • Manage schedule/hours
  • Self publishing


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