Lion's Pride

Hispanic Heritage Month

by Alexander Cardona

Hispanic Heritage Month starts in September 15 to October 15. This is a month when the United States celebrate hispanic people. When I say hispanic I mean people from South America, Central America and the Caribbean. This celebration first started in August 17, 1988. The first countries to get celebrated were, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. This celebration was created because of Hispanic people's contributions to American Culture. Some important Hispanic people that are well known are Maria Elena, Shakira, Messi and more. These people are special because they broke barriers and stereotypes of what Hispanics can due or are capable of.

Sample of Student Course Work

The 9/11 Attacks: A Local Psychiatrist’s View

Written by Anna Opatowiecki

Most of the offices in the psychiatric hospital were quiet on the morning of September 11, 2001. Nobody expected to be running into the lobby to see the NYC Skyline lose a landmark- especially not Elizabeth, a young psychiatrist who was hoping to have a bright future ahead of her in America.

Elizabeth had been pursuing a career in psychology for many years. She had recently moved to Pittsburgh with her husband, both from Poland. She was working at a psychiatric center in Pittsburgh when the attacks of 9/11 occurred- and they hit a little too close to home for comfort.

From the perspective of the psychiatrist, “an attack on America seemed impossible- it was the first time I’d thought this country was vulnerable. I had never felt so scared since leaving Poland.”

“The hospital was unusually quiet that morning,” Elizabeth recalled, “everything was normal besides that.” Doctors spoke with their patients while bright sunlight streamed in through the windows. Suddenly disrupting the eerie quiet, a loud voice erupted from the speakers, alerting everyone in the building of a terrorist attack. “People were running out of their offices left and right,” commented Elizabeth. Everyone- patients, doctors and staff members- headed to the main lobby, focused on the tv set there. People huddled together, crowding around the small tv set. The last couple of people trickled in just as the second plane hit the World Trade Center, erupting into flames and burning debris. “We watched in silence for a little longer and were sent home after that,” Elizabeth added. A feeling of uncertainty and caution stayed with everyone until they got home. Several of Elizabeth’s coworkers were affected by the attacks, including people who passed away on Flight 93, which crash-landed near Pittsburgh.

“I’m thankful to not have been affected by the attacks personally or in my family, but these events let me see a fault in this country, and witness how it came back stronger.”

The terrorist attacks on 9/11 affected all of us- regular civilians, doctors and their patients, young children… “it made me feel uneasy about my safety, but seeing Americans come together during the aftermath restored my faith in the country and its people,” stated Elizabeth. 9/11 will be remembered for years to come- the countless tragedies and deaths affect even those who aren’t directly involved, like Elizabeth. To remember those events, we should share the stories of others, even if they seem ordinary and not important. Who know, maybe it’ll make someone’s world a bit clearer, and spread awareness about the events of 9/11.

Singin' In The Rain Jr.

by Lillie Neimen

This year, Nitschmann Dramatics is presenting the musical, “Singin’ In The Rain Jr”. They are very excited to share the play with everyone in the school. Almost every day after school, the advisors, Mrs. Hriniak and Mrs. Schultheis, are meeting with the club to rehearse dancing, music, and lines. Crew always meets on Thursdays to start create all of the props, backdrops, and setpieces. Crew meets to also talk about how they want to create and decorate the different props, backdrops, and setpieces. House meets once every month to start preparing for the ticket booth, souvenir shop, and the snack stand. On October 2nd, the people in “Moses Supposes”, a song and dance in the play, are meeting, on October 3rd, the people in “All I Do Is Dream Of You”, another song and dance, are meeting, on October 4th all crew is meeting, and on October 5th the people in “Singin’ In The Rain”, another song and dance are meeting. The people in each song goes over what to sing, how to sing it, different dances, and look at their costumes in each meeting. The dramatics club is so excited to present the musical, “Singin’ In The Rain Jr.” for the school!

Nitschmann Band Selected to March in the National Memorial Day Parade

By: Anna Lazewski, Band President

As of early 2018, the Nitschmann Band has secured its spot in the National Memorial Day Parade in Washington D.C to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day. The Nitschmann band is the only instrumental group selected from the state of Pennsylvania to march, which is not only a huge honor but a massive accomplishment. Comprised of around 125 instrumentalists and a variety of color guard members, the Nitschmann Band will take the streets of Washington, DC and deliver what may be it’s biggest performance yet.

Selections included for the parade include America, the Longest Day, and Valley Forge, which are all marches that vary in length and difficulty. The band will debut on May 27 on National television, which will reach thousands of people across the country. Tune in to see what we’re all about!

Day of the Dead

by Abrielle Brennan

Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday that is celebrated throughout Mexico. Spanish invaders brought this tradition to Mexico starting in the 1500’s. Day of the Dead is like a family reunion, but at that time the dead ancestors are the guests of honor. This holiday helps people remember about the deceased people and that we should celebrate their memory.

For example, some people set up candlelit alters so the spirits can find their way back to their relatives. Also, the alters consists of the deceased people’s favorite food just in case they get hungry. The spirit’s favorite book or movie are placed on the alters as well.

After the alters are set, it’s off to the graveyard. Everyone would bring different feasts and celebrate Day of the Dead with their dead ancestors. Sometimes, a mom or dad would introduce their baby to their grandparent that died before the baby was born. Before everyone would leave and go home, they would clean off the deceased people’s tombstones.

During Day of the Dead, everyone who is celebrating will make papier-mache skeletons and miniature plastic or clay skeletons and set them everywhere. But, they are just reminding themselves that death is just a part of life. Hanging out with skeletons reminds people that one day that they will be skeletons too; just not for a very long time!

Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, is celebrated on November 2nd. Some people celebrate it with festivals and lively celebrations. On the night of Day of the Dead, the deceased are awakened from their eternal sleep to have fun and enjoyment with their loved ones. Also, sometimes people will throw a parade to honor the deceased people. If you would like to learn more about this Mexican holiday, go to…...


What is Drama Club and what is it like?

By:Briana Traca


I’ve been in Theatre since the fourth grade and the most frequent question I get asked is something along the lines of “what is it like”. Now everyone's experience is different and when I get asked that question I tend to stick to describing theatre in two words ,one good and one bad, often when I go into detail people get confused or don’t understand the innerworkings. I decided to ask other students in theatre how they would describe their experience. I got some fun answers and some show specific answers.

What did I find?

I began to ask some classmates and some of my findings surprised me. Tommy Forsch , who played Pumba in last years show, said that he would describe theatre as “Chaotic and fun”, Bianca Justance ,who has been in Stage and Costume crew, described it as “loud and stressful”. This next response made me laugh because it was specific to our first show together at Nitschmann The Wizard of Oz jr, Patrick Sparozic, who played Timon in the last show, responded with “Red Yarn”. If you went to that show then you saw the Winkie Guards and their costumes. They had tassels made of red yarn draped over their shoulders. The reason Patrick said that was because Costume crew never wanted to see red yarn again because they were so hard to make. Cameron Preisler, who had a major understudy role, said that “Drama is a good experience , but time consuming”, a little more than two words, but I completely agree with her. Carilyn M said that drama was “chaotic and amazing”. A friend of mine ,Anna Lazewski, who has seen all the shows said that “Both were amazing, but Lion King was my favorite because of the set,”.

Now that you’ve seen what they think I’m going to give you an inside look to some of the procedures and inner workings of Nitschmann Dramatics. So there's an informational meeting before auditions you probably heard about it in the morning announcements. Auditions are pretty simple you wait in a line outside the doors and walk in when your next. For cast you perform your dance, sing your song, or read off your lines. For crew you show them what you made and explain what it is. They might ask you a few questions about activities or yourself. If you make it because not everyone does. We start with rehearsals once a week for each group. So, that might be principle characters monday, ensemble tuesday, and crew Wednesdays. It varies for every show, so one show might have more practices for crew or cast. Then later on the every day rehearsals start where the entire drama club gets together and works as a whole to fit costumes, practice the singing, dancing, and memorizing lines. This is where it gets chaotic because everyone is trying to do different things at once. For example while rehearsing the show last year I was trying to fit a costume for someone, but they had a scene to run. Even though your supposed to get your costume fitted first she ran off to do her scene because she thought that she was supposed to run her scene then come back. There are always mishaps and mistakes, but it’s definitely worth it in the end. Show days are definitely the worst because everyone is running around and some people are panicking because they can’t find their costumes or can’t find a special prop they need. I’ve had to redirect and regroup some people because of this, but hearing the crowd cheer at the end and see some of the smaller kids reactions when the characters come out in costumes is amazing. Nothing replaces the feeling of putting on a show and seeing the positive influence it has.

Get to know your Newspaper crew

Hi! My name is Abrielle Brennan. In Newspaper, I am a marketer and advertiser. I am 11 and I am in sixth grade. I joined Newspaper because I like to create school videos and Newspapers. I like to draw. Also, I am involved in Band and Nitschmann Dramatics. One interesting fact about me is that I have 5 siblings.

Hi! My name is Madison Miller, but everyone calls me Maddie. I am one of the photographers for the newspaper. I am 14, in 8th grade. I joined newspaper because I love to take photos and I enjoy writing. I am treasurer in orchestra and captain of flags with my best friend.

Hi! My name is Anna Lazewski and I’m in 8th grade. I’m the editor of the newspaper, and joined because I love taking pictures and taking part in editing. Outside of Newspaper, I’m first chair trumpet and Band President, as well as NJHS President. In addition to Newspaper, I’m involved in ArtSmart and studying in ceramics at the Banana Factory. Aside from school activities, I’m also a Girl Scout Cadet of 9 years and play in the American Legion Band of Bethlehem.

My name is Alexander Cardona,and i’m 13 years old I am Field Reporter,which means that I go to events and I make videos about stuff and I interview and more.Today I'm going to write about me like that you can get to know me.I was born in Colombia.That's a country in South America.So yeah I know English and Spanish.Right know I'm in 7th grade.So far I like it.How do you like your grade so far?There’s a lot of events happening this year so you will probably see me and my members at does events.Like I said my name is Alexander,and this is me.

Hi! I’m Lillie Neiman, and I’m in 6th grade. I’m 11 years old and I am involved in Dramatics Club, Newspaper, and Girl Scouts. I also play Alto Saxophone in the Nitschmann Band and in the Nitschmann Jazz Band. I am the Marketing and Announcements section in Newspaper, and I normally help with the videos and writing different articles. I joined newspaper because I love writing and taking photos. I also like to report different stories and give news and information. I did a newsletter club in elementary school, with was similar to the school newspaper, so I thought I would enjoy doing this. I also did a club in elementary school called APTV, with was like the school TV show. We did reports and videos on each event in school, and I really enjoyed that. I hope to enjoy my time here in newspaper!

Hi! My name is Emily Orrico and I am part of the Nitschmann Newspaper Club. I am in 6th grade and eleven years old. Some other activities I do at Nitschmann are Girls on the Run and I also play the violin in the orchestra. I mainly joined Newspaper club because I enjoy writing and and photography. I know I will have a lot of fun during my time at Newspaper Club.

My name is Briana Traca and I'm an eighth grade student. My role in Newspaper is as a Field Reporter. I joined newspaper because I thought it would be fun to get see what people thought of the events going on at school and give students an inside view on what goes on during events. I’m also involved in Drama and PJAS.

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