Appreciation to the cleaners

This is an entry dedicated to our appreciation for our cleaners. They are the backbone of our school's cleanliness and they keep our surroundings spick and span so as to promote an awesome and clean learning environment and will aid in our journey through education.
our school, bishan park secondary, has many good and hardworking aunties and uncles who are working very hard for their family as cleaners. they are our heroes, who always keep our school clean and wonderful, making it a comfortable place environment for us to study in.
Many times, my group went on a secret lookout to learn more about the cleaners in our school.It turned out to be really positive. They would 'sercetly' go around the school to clean our dirty and dusty areas without anyone really noticing .
The cleaners in our school have really put in the time and effort to ensure that the teachers teach while the students learn in a clean environment. We should never treat them disrespectfully and should always appreciate whatever they do.
By looking at their store, it really isn't a comfortable place for them to rest but despite that they still wouldn't mind taking a break there. Although they have a lot of equipment to use, the equipments look old and dirty.
in conclusion, we should all appreciate the cleaners and treat them with respect. We can all look up to the cleaners as the uphold our school values while they work. They also always come to school happily so we strive to have that mindset in school.



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