The Big Dead Oak Tree Jena Truckenbrod

During the warm summer morning the sun rose, birds chirped, and Penny was woken from her bed by a heavy knock at the door.

Usually Penny's day went like this: first, fall out of bed; second, get dressed, and third, breakfast and drink her glass of choclate milk.

Penny heard the loud, heavy knock again.

As penny got dressed, grabbed her tube of lipstick, and walked down the stairs, she heard a man say "Well I guess no one's home."

Down the steps and through the kitchen, Penny ran to greet the man, but he had already began to walk away.

Shouting loudly, Penny yelled for the man to come back.

The man, after finally hearing Penny’s yell, came back to the house.

As he entered the house he said to Penny “I am so sorry to inform you of this Penny, but Bethany was found dead last night.”

Bethany, Penny’s sister, lived just down the road from her.

“What?! How did this happen,” Penny asked.

Penny thought the man seemed troubled, or maybe he was just thinking.

“Tim, Bethany's husband, found her dead under the big dead oak tree.”

The man told her the funeral would be on July 9, 2016.

Penny thanked the man and ran over to Tim and Bethany’s house, at 6382 Wind dr, Greenville, PA 71849.

She found a letter on the door addressed to her, “Dear Penny, I am so sorry you had to hear about Bethany from a stranger, but I couldn't bear the pain of losing her, Tim.”

Penny opened the door to find the inside, everything was a mess, and Tim was nowhere to be found.


Created with images by felipvens - "tree landscape sky" • Ramdlon - "sky light cloudy" • sipa - "sunrise morgenrot skies" • nicksarebi - "Birmingham Door" • joebrian - "stairs" • timparkinson - "Lights" • ChrisA1995 - "Nature" • psychotraffic - "pfalstersteine patch away" • Vivian Farinazzo - "Nature." • mtkopone - "Nature" • Couleur - "daisies flowers bloom" • Matt Lilek - "Nature" • Tamara Areshian - "Armenia. Nature" • kassy.miller - "letters" • esiul - "plant nature live"

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