Annex Incorporated Sales and Marketing Firm

Annex Incorporated is a sales and marketing firm. Rather than selling or marketing their own products, Annex Incorporated works with other large business to sell their products for them. They "work on [their] clients' behalf to bridge the communication gap between their massive companies and their individual customers."

I am a good inter-personal communicator, something this company strongly emphasizes. This, along with my interest in sales and working with outside companies, is one of the many reasons I think I would be suitable for a job here, and vice versa.

Employees at Annex Incorporated

Annex Incorporated strongly emphasizes personal growth, encouraging high employee retention and internal promotion. I want to work with a company that wants me around and wants to invest in me just as much as I invest in it. In the chance that I am able to secure an internship position within Annex Incorporated, it is already stated that I would have the opportunity to prove myself as a vital member to the organization and work my way up as a permanent, full-time employee. Annex's devotion to it's employees is the most attractive thing about this company to me.

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