2015-16 Collection Made By Simstatic

I began sewing in October 2015 as a way to manifest my love of designing and creating new things. These are some of the items I created in my first year of owning a sewing machine.

Drop-Waisted Dress
Simple Peplum Top

At one stage in my life, I was obsessed with the peplum top; to me, it was the perfect embodiment of femininity, elegance and practicality. Hence I had to make one!

Autumnal Skirt and Scarf

For most of my teenage years, I owned precisely two skirts... One of which I hated (it was bought for me). Consequently, skirts were high on my list of things to make.

I absolutely love the print on this skirt, but I know how I could have improved the design even more. That's the joy of sewing; you continually learn how to improve for the next time. Skirt: Scarf:

Created By
Abigael Bamgboye

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