The Sacred Search Gary Thomas


The Sacred Search is a gut check for anyone considering, delaying, or even pursuing marriage. If marriage scares you, read this book and be encouraged. If you feel you are not ready for marriage, then please read [The Sacred Search] and be prepared.

-Ted Cunningham

Gary Thomas

A Little About the Author

The author, Gary Thomas, is an author of 19 books, and is also an international speaker. Gary Thomas is very similar to James MacDonald, the author of my previous book, Act Like Men. He is similar in the way that he is the writer of many books and is also a Christian speaker. He is married to his wife, Lisa Thomas. He lives in Texas with his wife and three children.

Gary Thomas with Family


The style of this book seems to have been the inspiration behind my previous book, Act Like Men because The Sacred Search also has thought inspiring questions closing each chapter. The question would get you to think about yourself in a way that you may not have thought of before. It may force you to think about a relationship from the eyes of someone who is not infatuated, who is not oblivious to a relationship that's reliant on infatuation.

The style of this book is a little more difficult to follow, as I have had to read a passage a couple times to fully understand what the author was saying. However once I understood it this book is saying it how it is. It doesn't really sugar coat any problems that may arise in a relationship. The author often uses gender stereotypes to reinforce his point, or to depict a certain scenario and its potential outcome.

Final Thoughts

This is a book that gets you to analyze your relationship, but it does so in a straight up way. You don't have to agree with everything the author is saying, but he phrases it in a way that makes you think about different views on a situation.

I recommend this book to anyone considering, delaying, or even pursuing marriage.


Ten years after you're married, what kind of tears will you be crying? Will they be stinging tears of pain or warm tears of joy?

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