The perfect Guacamole Crystal Murillo

Fun Fact: Austin Powers likes guacamole too!

Hungry for a snack? Well here is how you make the P E R F E C T guacamole. The first step would be to collect these ingredients. Some may be optional, such as the (white or red) onion, chile serrano (green chile) and oregano.

Ingredients: Ripe avocados, Kosher Salt, ripe tomatoes, lime or lemon juice, red or white onion, Chile Serrano, cilantro, and oregano.

Don't forget your handy tools! A bowl, knife, cutting board, lemon squeezer, smasher (spoon or fork can be optional) and your CHIPS!

Gather your ingredients

Make sure you know how to cute an avocado!

Put all chopped ingredients into a bowl.

Start mixing all that good stuff together.


Add some salt (Optional)

Squeeze that lemon/lime juice on top.

Once everything is mixed, you now can serve your perfect guacamole to yourself and others. Enjoy!

Thank you for watching ENJOY!


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