Crocs and Alligators BY tOM

This is my little glideshow about Crocs and alligators SO LETS DO THIS.

Crocodiles have at least 3000 -4000 teeth in there life span before death. Also Crocodiles have so many more teeth than then alligators.

You will never see a Crocodile hunt without ambushing their prey.

Did you know that Crocodiles are the first ever official state reptile to live in America?

Alligators have so many similarities to Crocodiles, in fact over 50%.

Here is a pretty cool vid about an albino alligators, check it out.

This is a few adolescent Crocodiles, and brand new mothers and fathers on the top 3.

Crocodiles are very used to be cold blooded and would die in five minutes if there lucky!

Some Crocodiles can way up to 2600 LB that's one fat crocodile.

Size around 3.5m, 5.5

Crocodiles live up to 70-90 years.

I hope you enjoyed my adobi spark page thing that I thingyed.

Did you enjoy.

But did you really like it.

It was good I know

Remember don't MESS.

Where you impressed.



I have used this picture 2 times now.

Good bye.



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