5th Grade @ WCDS 2019-2020 It's Possible Here!

September 9-13

Chief John Schultz of the Ohio County Sherifs office began his 10-week dare program on Thursday
Free write Friday
Train dominos as a math center
Carrington and Jack - members of the “Landry News” book group
Ella, Sofia, Emma and James: The Last Holiday Concert
Just a little bit of relaxation
Bryce and Micah reading Trouble Maker
Asher reading The Report Card
Jules loves her window seat and the book Things Hoped For
Spanish review game
Jules also loves the camera, apparently
Spanish review game
Spanish review game
Drama class with Mr. Tim began Monday

September 2-6

Emma & Ella
Madame McAteer
Sofia and Ava
Read with a friend

Week 2: August 26-30

Shark Tank!
Least to greatest activity
Getting ready to order our numbers
Working in groups to order numbers
Sofia, Jules & Darryn working to compare and order numbers
KJ, Ella, Bryce & Emma working to order numbers
Enjoying the view
Water lilies
Backseat shenanigans
Brently taking some time to sketch
Jules, Emma and Mac
Darryn concentrating
Focused in
Art advice from the great Bob Ross Kalcum
Micah and Mac
“Look what I found”
Patrick during our sketch time at CMOA
Bryce focusing on his sketch
Hunter admiring the architecture
Carrington, Ava & KJ liked the dinosaurs
Mrs. Ochap and Brady sharing a moment of curiosity
The kids couldn’t help but ask about this giant piece of art!
Bryce and Brady using the interactives
“Fruit by the yard,” Jules & Sof say!
Math centers: Khan Academy station
Keyboarding station
Decimal riddles!
9’s or bust place value review - who can make the biggest number?

Aug 19-23

9’s or Bust
Funny stuff!
Wrapping the egg
Making decisions
Dropping our egg, Billy Bob