Fitness Catalog Spring 2021

Table of Contents

  1. PHED 2101 Health & Fitness for Life
  2. Fitness Programs
  3. Aerobics, Strength, & Dance
  4. Personal Training
  5. Massages
  6. Nutrition Counseling
  7. Additional Programs
  8. Health & Fitness Workshops
  9. Certifications & Workshops
  10. Additional Resources

PHED 2101 Health & Fitness for Life

This hybrid (half online, half in class course) focuses on health-related behaviors, ways that personal health decisions and behaviors affect body systems and health, and strategies for reducing health risks and enhancing wellness throughout the life span. This course examines nutrition, diet and weight control, and fitness concepts of cardiovascular respiratory endurance, muscular endurance and flexibility with an emphasis in a physical activity area of interest such as Aerobics, Yoga, HIIT Xtreme, Zumba etc. This course is valid for one credit toward your academic degree. To learn more about this class or to register for this class, visit the UHD website at www.uhd.edu.

Fitness Programs

You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great! UHD Sports & Fitness provides a variety of free aerobic classes and healthy workshops to deliver direction for your wellness journey. Aerobic classes include muscular strength/endurance classes, cardiovascular classes, and flexibility classes. No matter what your workout style is, we have the perfect FIT for you. Please see below for the schedule of classes.

Aerobics, Strengthening & Dance

Our wide variety of group exercise classes are instructed by nationally certified instructors or trained personal trainers. These classes are effective for weight loss, strength training, flexibility and cardiovascular benefits. Classes will be offered virtually and limited in person classes will also be available as soon as we return to code Yellow. Please check our social media for the latest updates to the aerobic class schedule.

Virtual classes can be accessed via https://bit.ly/fitnessuhd. All virtual classes can be viewed for later use by visiting https://bit.ly/fitnessuhd

Some of the classes offered are as follows:

  • All Abs
  • Butts & Guts
  • Gator Fit
  • Gator Gainz (in person only)
  • Yoga
  • Zumba

**Classes are subject to change/cancellation based on enrollment or low participation.**

Fitness Assessment

Fitness assessments are offered in person and online. Fitness assessments are free every 12 weeks. To request an online virtual fitness assessment click here, for in person assessments please visit the SLC, member services.

  • Fill out a PAR-Q form, waiver, and submit your interest form and a trainer will reach out to you to schedule.
  • Once an appointment is set, your trainer will reach out to you with instructions on how to log into a personalized Zoom session where the following areas will be address.
  • This basic service includes sit-ups, push-ups, weigh-in, and circumference measurements. During the consultation, the trainer will provide various tracking devices as well as informative details on weight training, flexibility, and nutrition.
  • Missed assessments without a 24 hour cancellation notice will not be allowed to be rescheduled.

Pricing for Fitness Assessments

  • UHD Student: Pre-training requirement, free
  • UHD Student: Every 12 weeks thereafter, free
  • Non-UHD Student: Pre-training requirement, $20
  • Non-UHD Student: Ever 12 weeks thereafter, $20

Personal Training Sessions

Offered in person or virtually.

Don’t wish for it, work for it! Working one-on-one with a fitness professional to incorporate regular exercise into your lifestyle gives you guidance on proper technique and safety as well as accountability to another person. The UHD Sports & Fitness personal trainers are here to help make our members’ personal fitness goals a reality! Sign up today for a free fitness assessment or an affordable personal training session. Before beginning with a Fitness Assessment or Personal Training session, members must complete a Health History form and a PAR-Q form found online at PAR-Q and Release.

These sessions begin after a member has completed a fitness assessment. Individuals may hire a trainer to assist with weight training, weight loss or endurance training. Programs are developed depending upon the member’s needs and personal goals. Sessions are typically 45 minutes long and consist of various forms of stretching, weight training, cardiovascular training, and recap discussion of goals.

  • Fill out a PAR-Q form, waiver, and submit your interest form and a trainer will reach out to you to schedule.
  • Once an appointment is set, your trainer will reach out to you with instructions on how to log into a personalized Zoom session.
  • Trainer will walk you through exercises and cue you on proper forma and technique to help you get the most effective workout to achieve your health and wellness goals.
  • Missed appointments without a 24 hour cancellation notice will not be eligible for a refund or reschedule.
  • See certification details to learn how to become a personal trainer with Sports & Fitness

Prices for Personal Training services

  • UHD Student: $15/hour
  • Non UHD Student Member: $20/hour


In person only. Massage therapy has many benefits including lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, increasing blood circulation, relaxing tense muscles, and improving range of motion (flexibility). It can also lead to a more complete recovery from exercise soreness or injury. Sports & Fitness offers massages to all members at affordable prices. **Massage offerings are not available to the university community until the Student Life Center reopens.**

Swedish Massage or Deep Tissue Massage

  • Prices for 45 minute massages
  • UHD Student: $25/session
  • Non UHD Student Member: $35/session

Nutrition Counseling

Offered in person or virtually.

  • You can learn how to eat healthy on campus, improve your health, and lose weight!
  • Please complete a healthy history and nutrition form
  • Once an appointment is set, your dietitian will reach out to you with instructions on how to log into a personalized Zoom session
  • Missed appointments without a 24-hour cancellation notice will not be eligible for a refund or reschedule.

Prices for 45-minute nutrition session:

  • UHD Student: $10/hour
  • Non UHD Student Member: $15/hour

Additional Programs

  • The Challenge: The Challenge was developed to reward members for incorporating a healthy lifestyle. By participating in the various programs offered by Sports & Fitness whether online or in person, members are eligible to accumulate points, which can earn great incentive items displayed on the 2nd floor of the Student Life Center.
  • Class Crusher: Get rewarded by showing us your video during the class. Each class we will pick a random winner for anyone who shares their video while working out.
  • Stretch at Your Desk: Sign up to receive weekly videos to remind you to get up and stretch or move around. Sign up here: https://uhdforms.formstack.com/forms/spring2021stretch

Spring 2021 Fitness Challenges

Have fun while staying active and join our monthly or weekly challenges. Our hope is to bring you a variety of challenges to help keep you active while on or off campus. Participants will perform one or all of the below challenges and tag @UHDSPORTSANDFITNESS on Instagram and include #UHDS&FCHALLENGE. Every submission will accumulate points towards the challenge program and be entered in the monthly challenge contest. One winner will be randomly chosen each month to win a UHD Sports & Fitness T-shirt.

Monthly Challenges

  • TBA

Weekly Challenges

  • TBA

Wellness Wednesdays

Be on the lookout for our Wellness Wednesdays videos on Instagram.

Health & Fitness Workshops

Sports & Fitness offers Health and Fitness workshops to motivate healthy lifestyle changes. Stop staying and start doing! Learn how you can integrate best practices into your own lifestyle. Please register online for our workshops. Workshops will be held in person and virtually All participants who show up to our workshops online will be entered for a door prize drawing. All workshops will be held at this Zoom link.

  • TBA

UHD Health Fair

Visit this virtual health fair to learn about the various resources available to the UHD community where health is concerned. A variety of vendors and departments have been invited to share their services and products. Come and get all of your health and wellness questions answered here. Though fair will be virtual, the Houston Food Bank will be on campus for drive by grocery giveaways.

  • TBA

Certifications & Workshops

Do you like working out? Are you interested in pursuing a career in health and fitness? Register today to become a certified personal trainer! Our prep course provides interested students with an opportunity to gain experience as personal trainers while working under the tutelage of UHD Sports & Fitness.

In addition, you will receive hands on two-day training experience on how to perform fitness assessments and coach basic exercises, and a study guide plus educational material. Course includes supplemental online coursework from American Council on Education (ACE). Fee includes access code to ACE online study materials and the certification exam.

  • Course Dates: TBA
  • Time Offered:TBA
  • Virtual: TBA
  • Price: $399 ($199 due upon registration)
  • For additional information, email uhdsports&fitness@uhd.edu
  • Already certified as a personal trainer, fitness instructor or massage therapist and want to work with UHD Sports & Fitness? Please email us as well!

American Red Cross CPR/First Aid Certification (not available in virtual environment)

Additional Resources

  • UHD Student Assistance Program (SAP): Designed to help you maximize your health and effectiveness at home, school or work. Through this program, you receive confidential, personal support for a wide range of issues, from everyday concerns to serious problems.
  • Eating Disorders: Medlin Plus, Mayo Clinic, Natinoal Institute of MEntal Health, U.S Dept. of Health & Human Science
  • High Blood Pressure: American Heart Association, National Heart, Lung, & Blood, Mayo Foundation
  • Obesity & Weight Control: FDA, Mayo Clinic, Medlin Plus, Women's Health Info Center

All Fitness Programs are subject to change without notice. Classes may be cancelled as a result of low enrollment. This catalog may be updated at any time to include new or deleted programs as such changes warrant. Email us with an questions at fitness@uhd.edu.

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