COASTLINE ROP Edison High School


Edison High School Career Specialist, Shari Kowalke

skowalke@hbuhsd.edu - 714/962-1356 x 4436

Ready to register for a R.O.P. class? Stop by the Edison College & Career Center (room 121) and pick up a blue registration card. Make sure to complete all of the information and return it to Mrs. Kowalke. ROP classes are very popular and will fill up quickly. Why wait - register today!

"When I hear applicants to top colleges bemoaning their lack of opportunities to truly stand out in a crowded admissions field, I always know that these students have not fully explored how ROP courses can help them stand out...ROP offers hands-on, powerful experiences with real world applications. I can think of very few activities that can better round out a college application than an ROP experience. ROP - possibly the most misunderstood and underused college admission advantage" - Paul Kanarek, President and Founder of The Princeton Review

Coastline Regional Occupational Program


Coastline ROP is a dynamic educational organization that inspires students to achieve their goals – both in academics and careers. We specialize in career technical education that transforms student aspirations into reality and builds a pipeline of workforce talent for regional businesses. Our programs focus on career technical skills, industry-specific skills, and the necessary personal and professional skills to prepare our students for future academic success and/or a great career. Our business partners benefit by tapping into the talents of our students through internships and other innovative work-based learning opportunities that build industry interest and the next generation of workers.

As a career technical education provider, Coastline ROP partners with five school districts in Orange County, CA, to strengthen and broaden the students’ education experience. ROP’s core values include:


Interact with others in a respectful, transparent, and ethical manner

Maintain a conviction to excellence regardless of circumstances

Adhere to high moral principles and professional standards

Demonstrate honesty and fairness in every action

Honor commitments


Treat others with courtesy and dignity

Honor the ethical and moral values of staff

Regard others with esteem

Invite and appreciate diverse perspectives

Promote constructive communication


Create a safe environment where ideas can be explored

Value and seeks the contributions of others

Serve partner districts and the educational community

Share ideas, information, and resources

Work with all stakeholders to achieve common goals


Maintain high standards of personal performance and accountability

Recognize that student success is our ultimate goal

Display exemplary attitude and enthusiasm

Work to improve performance and results

Model commitment and lifelong learning


Show steady, continual effort in the completion of tasks, perseveres

Commit to achieving personal and organizational goals

Strive to improve systems and the organization

Devote necessary time and resources in the pursuit of excellence

Demonstrate a passion for helping students achieve