Hiking Trial

"In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks." - John Muir

This camp focuses on the group becoming a family. Taking an adventurous journey that will challenge all individuals physically, mentally and on a Spiritual level.

Together they must face the mountain. Building the comfort of a family that will continue to challenge and motivate each other.

From peaks to valleys, waterfalls to the next hut, they had to travel by foot carrying their own weight to reach their final destination.The camp the group splits in half, encouraging bonding between the guys and girls who walk the same route one day apart.

The duration of this camp each group creates their own culture and group dynamics. Individuals play a significant role in their exclusive story of Fanie Botha Hiking Trail. They play games, tell stories at the camp fire, drinking coffee at the sight of a beautiful sunrise and gaze upon the evening skies filled with stars. Relationship building has a new meaning when to walk a long road with one another.

"The Mountain takes and the mountain gives" - Heinrich van der merwe

At the end of the route, the two groups reunite and share their journeys with one another and share a celebration beverage. A question that came to light on this camp is: We face the mountain, and it is unbelievably big, but how big is the mountain that you face inside of you?

Fanie Botha challenges each student to take a journey, an adventure into their own hearts and discover their true strength and ability. We celebrate their profound journeys with them.

Created By
Danielle Cousins


- Metamorpho -

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