The Anticipation By Lea Driever

I have been visiting the Sawtooths for 48 years of my life. Each summer I can feel the anticipation of the summer Sawtooth getaway. I have passed this passion to be in these magnificent mountains down to all three of my children. Each year we plot out our hikes and try to find a hidden gem that perhaps not many have been able to see. It brings excitement and wonder to all of us.

Early July provides icy views of Goat Lake. The boulder laden scramble to get there is well worth it.

The Sawtooths are soothing to my soul. They are breathtaking from every jagged spire to each purple carpeted meadow. The air is sweeter, although pine stung, and every breath washes away the stresses of working life.

Not uncommon to see cotton candy colored skies as the sun rises for another day at Redfish Lake. The Sawtooth skies are a daily visual gift.

These mountains heal me. They inspire creativity, laughter, love, and determination.

Bonding on Redfish Lake contains a pole, a line, and a connection between water and sky.
Seeing the Elephant's Perch for the first time is surreal. The area is called Shangri-La by some, and it is easy to see why, with emerald lakes sitting below the masses of granite.

From the walls of the Elephant's Perch to the ice on Goat Lake to the many scattered Cabin Lakes -- I can't name a favorite. I have much more exploring to do before I leave this place called Earth, and I intend to do most of it scouring the wonders of the Sawtooths!

(Photos by Lea Driever)