Lebron James By: cole Palmer

Lebron James’s childhood was a little rough for him. His toughness as a child makes him a great renaissance man. Lebron James was born on December 30th, 1984 in Akron Ohio. When Lebron was born his dad left him and his mom because he did not want to have a child. Lebron went to college at St Vincent-St Mary high school, and he did not go to college. Lebron also missed half the school year in elementary school. He also had to move away from his mom for a while. All in all, Lebron had a tough childhood, but he worked hard and it payed off for him in his life later.

Lebron James’s accomplishments and challenges to overcome are another reason he would be a great renaissance man. First off, the challenges he had to overcome were that he missed 80 days of the school year out of 160. He also had to move away from his mom for a year and a half. One of Lebrons accomplishments is that he is a four time MVP. He's a three time NBA champion, and he has three finals MVPs. Another accomplishment is that he is 8th on the all-time scoring list. To wrap it up, these challenges and accomplishments make him a great renaissance man.

Lebron James has many hobbies. To start, Lebron likes to play basketball and read. Listening to music, and to hanging out with his family and his friends. He also likes to watch MLB. His favorite team is the New York Yankees. To conclude, Lebron James has many great hobbies.


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