The Georgian Friday, 4 December 2020


A total community

Over the past week we have seen the sheer excitement that Advent brings to everyone in the school. Despite the challenges of the term, and the disappointment that we haven't been able to share our array of events with you in person, it is great to see the contribution that the children have made as we reflect on the term that is rapidly coming to an end.

The staff have been writing reports over the last fortnight, which affords us the opportunity to reflect on the journey that each individual child has been on since September (which seems a long time ago!).

Every child has been on a journey this term which has been played out in 318 very different ways. At times it has been plain sailing for them, at each girl and boy has had to navigate through choppy waters. As we approach the final week of term they have all arrived at the same destination, in once piece and certainly stronger for the experiences and learning pathways of the last fifteen weeks.

Binding the children together are several core traits: good manners; confidence; adaptability and resourcefulness; good humour; kindness and thought towards others. The final two are particularly pertinent to consider during the time of Advent.

'It takes a village to raise a child' is a well used analogy that reflects the importance of the team around each girl and boy - a collective effort from school and home. We are fortunate in having a first rate team here at St George's, and a warm, generous and thoughtful parent body. Tea-towels and cook books will be handed out next week (you'll be blown away by the quality of the cook book), and our Parents Group will be taking in any shoe boxes with Christmas gifts for local children. This is just one example of the genuine desire from our parents and staff for St George's to be a special school, and we would be poorer without this 'total community'.

As we approach the end of term, I would like to thank our families and staff for all you do to go 'the extra mile' for the school and children.

Wishing all St George's families a happy weekend, wherever your adventures take you.



Kindergarten Ladybirds

Monty: Monty’s confidence at swimming has grown enormously. He can dress himself independently and has lots of fun making shapes in the water!

Henry takes pride in everything he does at school. This week he has enjoyed spending time creating beautiful Christmas artwork.

Kindergarten Bees

Dylan for growing in confidence and being an excellent “Bossy King” for the Christmas performance.

Faris for learning how to put on his jacket and doing so independently.

Reception E

Alexander has shown excellent listening skills during our class French lessons and joins in the songs so well. Merci!

Jude has worked so hard at writing on his own, using his sounds. Keep up the super sentences!

Kai has been working so hard on his blending! He can now read three-letter words and will get a reading book. Keep it up Kai!

Reception P

Harriet has been trying really hard to use her sounds to write words. She had a go at writing a sentence all by herself this week.

Effy has made great progress with her reading. She is recognising lots of words and only sounds out when she is stuck.

Saacha was an excellent cat in the school Nativity. She volunteered to say another child’s words as they were absent and did a super job. Well done!

Tommy has been working so hard at blending his sounds together. He now confidently blends them together to read words.


Rai for delivering his lines in the production with great volume and expression.

Elliott for delivering his lines in the production with great volume and expression.

Aidan for showing kindness to others.

Hugo for outstanding effort to speak in English.


Akushla for excellent effort in the classroom and for being a wonderful Mary in our Year 1 Nativity.

Arthur for excellent effort with his handwriting and for a lovely piece of non-fiction writing about the snow fox. Well done.

Annabelle for always doing her best in school and for being an outstanding narrator in our Year 1 Nativity production.


Dylan for working hard in Maths and enjoying the lessons.

Holly for beautiful writing about Advent and for making beautiful Christmas models at home.

Sebastian for listening brilliantly to class input and working confidently in Maths.


Preet for contributing more to class discussions and offering her ideas.

Esmé for showing great interest in her work and for staying focused on tasks.

Aarohi for listening carefully to instructions and following them through .


Daisy for good concentration and hard work in both English and Maths lessons.

Arthur for thoughtful contributions to class discussions.


Ben worked very hard during our ‘angle hunt’ and found lots of different angles in the classroom.

Daisy has had a great term. She has worked very hard, and has made especially good progress with her writing.

Head Master's Commendations

The whole of Year 4: for their wonderful Victorian inventions

Toby D: for his model of the Penny Farthing.

Thomas D: for his model of the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Ben C: for his working model of a suspension bridge.

Zaki B: for his presentation skills on the theme of pasteurisation.

Wynnie B, Sarrinah MB, Sofia B and Oliver S: for their detailed History prep explaining who they thought was to blame for the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.

Max A, Charlie H and Isla M: for their Geography posters on tropical rainforests.

Jamie B: for his model of HMS Victory using Minecraft and uploading it as a video on YouTube.

Isaac S, Lara H and Ekam R: for creating a tantalising Italian menu with beautiful presentation.

Isabelle S and Siena L: for their efforts in LAMDA. Issey wrote a brilliant poem, with witty interpretation, about face masks (see further down the Newsletter for the poem), and Siena has learned all her pieces for LAMDA.

Sarrinah MB: for creating a flip book as her model of HMS Revenge.

Bikram H: for hard work throughout the term in IT.

Siena L: for brilliant Spreadsheet work all term.

Poppy J: for great Spreadsheet work all term.

Sam M, Nate M, Daniel P, Gabriel Reay-Arias and Leah H: for 100% in Spreadsheets assessment.

Max C: for finishing his amazing website on mountain sports.

Luca O, Nefeli M and Kobe L: for excellent Scratch animation work.

Mason S and Nathan M (Y8), Tomasz M and Benji S (Y7) James C and Liv D (Y6): for highly commendable efforts in Science this week.

Ben C: for excellent Fraction work in Maths.

Tom J: for consistent hard work in English.

George H: for creating a Minecraft video for his model of HMS Revenge.

Spirit of St George's Award

Lara B: for running 5K to raise funds for Battersea Dogs Home and raising £570.

Isabelle S: for the positivity she shows towards all aspects of school life.

Ben I'Anson: for giving the form a lovely start to the day by playing his bassoon in form time.

Sarah Z: for kindness to another pupil in her IT lesson.

Freya S: for being kind to others and helping teachers.

Sophie H: for her effort and respectful attitude in LAMDA.

Ben I'A played his bassoon during Form Time

News and Views from the School this Week

Christmas is coming! Here are some of the beautiful displays in Pre Prep. The children love seeing the results of their work on the walls and celebrating their achievements.

Christmas Productions in Pre Prep

Year 1
Year 2

The children in Kindergarten, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have been rehearsing and performing in their Christmas Nativity productions. They all enjoyed wearing the costumes.

Prep School Virtual Concert

In the Boarding House

Making and putting up Christmas decorations in the Boarding House became an investigation into who could make the longest paper chain and decorating the tree was given a lower priority!

The Ladybird children have been making the classroom as festive as can be and a certain cheeky elf has made it his new home, bringing lots of mischief with him along the way. They have also loved exploring the sense of taste and trying lots of different foods. In Squiggle this week, they pressed and pulled and squeezed playdough, practising their fine motor skills. They are very good at using their muscles!

There is great excitement in the Bee class in the build up to Christmas! The children have been busy making little gifts and Christmas decorations for their families, with love and care. We are very proud of the girls and boys as everyone did their very best in the Christmas performance, singing enthusiastically but with great sincerity.

Reception's Jolly Postmen

Reception children were very proud to receive their BAGA 8 awards and Year 1 children their BAGA 7 awards for their progress and achievements in gymnastics.

As well as rehearsing and performing their nativity plays, the children in Year 1 carried on with their normal lessons. 1AG worked at tens and ones and doubling in Maths, and 1JH had a comprehension on reindeer in English.

Year 2 children brought in the models they have been making at home for the House Ship competition. Both Year 2 classes enjoyed making Christmas cards and Christingles. For his homework at the weekend, Alessandro in 2SS made a beautiful robin and went out bird spotting.

The torrential rain didn't dampen the spirits of Year 2 in their games lesson on Thursday!

3CH have been looking at angles in their Maths lesson this week, using geostrips to make angles of different sizes. Xanthippe and Aarun showed off their entries for the House shipbuilding competition. In their Drama lesson they froze into a tableau showing a forest on fire. In RS, learning about Diwali, the children have carefully coloured-in Rangoli patterns. This also linked well with their lessons on symmetry last week. They made owls out of clay, linking with their work on The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark. A quiet 10 minutes reading!

3ML have also been doing lots of work on angles in Maths this week; they have been making angles with their elbows and arms and holding up geo strips they made so they could make obtuse, acute and right angles. They went on an ‘angle hunt’ around the classroom. Like 3CH, the children have been using clay to make models of ‘Plop’, the main character in The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark. Some pupils brought in their entries for the House ship competition.

Last Friday, Year 4 had a virtual visit to Reading Museum to find out what life was like in the Victorian era and in particular, in a Victorian schoolroom. This week 4RW were proud to be photographed with their very own Victorian inventions. In Maths the children went on a hunt for angles around the school.

This week 5ZJ acted out play scripts, and in their Science lesson they made pan pipes to investigate sound. Isabelle S in 5RM wrote a fantastic poem:

On Monday, Year 8 were looking at chemical changes. They heated copper to make copper oxide (the Bunsen burner flame turns green).

Wishing the following pupils a very...

William F, Jamie B, Frankie K, Isabelle S, Cora A, Charlie W, Olivia J and Benjamin W.