Willie Mays baseball mvp

Early Life

Willie Mays was born in Birmingham Alabama , May 6 1931 as a child all he wanted to was play baseball. As a child him and his dad would make money of of playing baseball game in a little negro league in his town. The year of 1946 Willie was fifth teen years old he got selected to play for a bigger negro league in his town ( I think he was the youngest ). He made a whole lot of money. A year the major league ended the rule opening spot for black people. And the year of 1951 he was drafted to the New York Giants


1. When playing for the major league he ranked 5th in Best All-Around hitters

2. As in the major he took time and joined the military for 2 years

3. In his first major league he was named rookie of the year

4. In his year of playing he ranked 1st in Best Defensive Center Fielder

5. In the league he was in a game and he made this catch and got famous for it they called it "The Catch"


This video will show all Willie Mays

Winter, Jonah, and Terry Widener. You Never Heard of Willie Mays?! S.l.: Random House Children's, 2013. Print.

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