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What is the "GoodCity"?

The GoodCity is found anywhere individuals and businesses engage in positive COMMERCE, CULTURE and COMMUNITY adding meaning and value to the human experience.

As we begin 2017, we pause to thank and recognize our 2016 GoodCity clients and all you are doing to improve the quality of life for the countries, cities and people you serve. It's an honor to be associated with such excellent businesses and individuals.

In alphabetical order.

Aaron Tredway - Author/Speaker (International/Cleveland-based). Aaron's book, OUTRAGEOUS, Awake to the Unexpected Adventure of Everyday Faith was published by Baker Press and released nationally on October 18, 2016. Aaron and GoodCity are also in development for several ancillary media projects related to the book.

Collegiate Leadership Competition (CLC) - Leadership Development for Collegiate Student Across the Nation (Nationwide/Cleveland, Ohio). CLC is developing the future leaders of the world through an engaging, hands-on approach to learning and applying leadership principles.

CT3 - Transforming the Quality and Culture of Education Across the Country (Nationwide/California-based). CT3 (Center for Transformative Teaching Training) is changing the way teachers engage scholars in the classroom across America. Established in 2009 by acclaimed educators Lee Canter and Kristyn Klei Borrero, the company was formed in response to the countless requests they received from educators around the country to provide training in their breakthrough model of professional development.

Great Day/Stanek Windows/Patio Enclosures - Windows and Sunroom sales and manufacturing (National/Cleveland-based). Making homes more energy efficient and beautiful.

Enpac - American manufacturer of environmental safety products and global leader in spill containment (International/Cleveland-based). Enpac was founded with a single product focused on a simple principle: protecting the environment from hazardous chemicals by providing customers with high quality, affordable containment solutions. Their branding phrase is: Protecting the Environment and Your Bottom Line.

Infuseon Therapeutics - Cleveland Multiport Catheter (International/Cleveland Clinic-based). Dr. Michael Vogelbaum is the inventor of the Cleveland Multiport Catheter, which now makes it possible to deliver therapeutics past the blood brain barrier, directly into tumors and areas of the brain that were previously inaccessible.

Innovatim - Medical Technology Development (International/Cleveland-based). Innovatim provides strategic and technical consulting services in healthcare, information services, and biomedical research. They also offer a full array of consulting services for energy conservation and "green" programming, as well as operations and efficiency management for small and medium sized businesses and healthcare operations.

Interfinish - Construction (National/Cleveland-based)is a full service commercial vendor that specializes in procurement and installation of all interior finishes.

Joe Knows Nutrition - Truly Sustainable Nutrition (Cleveland, Ohio). Joe is former All-American Collegiate Athlete who believes diets don't work. So he's developed a simple and effective approach to nutrition that actually works and is sustainable.

Living Lean - Permanent Fat Loss Through Smart Exercise (Chagrin Falls, Ohio). Mark Derry (owner) and his team have developed a gym with a unique and distinct culture of encouragement but don't kid yourself, they see results!

Unger - Quality Tools for Smart Cleaning (International/Connecticut). 50 years ago in Hamburg, Germany, Henry Unger began producing innovative cleaning tools that bring the way we clean out of the former age by providing modern, efficient and safe products to get the job done faster, safer and greener. Now, with a core belief that janitors and cleaning crews help the engine of business thrive and a realization they are often overlooked and under appreciated, Unger is a global market leader in providing high-quality and technologically advanced cleaning tools.

What's coming up with GoodCity . . .

The first quarter of 2017 begins with wrapping up 13 whiteboard videos for CLC for their national competition in mid-January. Soon after, we will be exciting as we head to Columbia, Lima, Peru and the Amazon Jungle to film a pilot for a new show featuring author/speaker, Aaron Tredway, called "OUTRAGEOUS PEOPLE".

Shooting begins on a large project for Unger in late January and we couldn't be more excited about this project. We're going to be using some of our long-time on-screen talent including Carrie Lupoli, Ralph Wonnell and Joe Millings. We welcome Tiffany Magaldi to the on-screen talent family of GoodCity!

Our relationship with CT3 will continue in 2017 with more whiteboard videos in the works.

I invite you to follow GoodCity on our social media feeds to track our progress in 2017. Together we're going to do some amazing and interesting things!

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