Syria Revolution Was this revolution successful in it's purpose?

The challenging part of this revolution was finding the motives behind the government and why they treated their people with disrespect. My interest in this revolution was the people's reasoning behind their protesting and was also their motives. What were they trying to accomplish by protesting? What reaction did they want from the government? This revolution proved to me that a country can come together, creating unity to get the equality they want, no matter what the reason was. Which peaked my interest in the Syria revolution.

Causes of the Syrian revolution was the violation of the Syrian peoples' rights. The people were not treated with respect, nor equality. The people were violated, disrespected, causing conflict between the Syrian people and the Syrian government. With this, comes protest and violence, making the Syrian revolution one of the most violent. The people created unity through violation of freedom.

Revolution created unity due to lack of rights from all races within Syria

The Syrian people protested, causing conflict between the government and the community of Syria, the lack of freedom rights... The Syrian people had goals of overthrowing the government all because of the lack of freedom the Syrian community had. Consideration of global warming was a major factor in the Syrian revolution as well as political graffiti displayed throughout the city. The Syrian people displayed their emotions through violence, in hope the government would listen to their complaints. Did it work?

Debris of the ruined city

Due to all this violence, over 90,000 people were killed in Syria from March to August. Not only that but the destruction of the city was so bad, people became homeless. Little kids, infants, families, they lost everything. Nothing left but debris and a lost of hope for the Syrian people. What did the government do? Nothing. Isn't the government supposed to take care of it's people? Well, not in this case. They went against their people, ruined their lives. Just because the Syrian people spoke their minds.. The government killed them in hope they would be quiet and stop.

More debris of the ruined country of Syria. Ruined homes.

What happened in the end? Did the Syrian people ever get closure? The people lost their city, as well as their freedom. Nothing changed, all they got was a ruined city and broken dreams. The only good thing about this revolution was how unified the Syrian people became, which is stronger than any government. Unity in diversity.

Syrians displaying their thoughts of the government with protests

Similarities French and Syrian revolution; Both the Syrian and French revolution disagreed with their government. Their rights were violated, causing them to rebel against their government, in hope they will get what they want.. Their freedom. They also were both in a way, Monarch's. Rulers had complete control over the people, I said in a way because Syria ruling wasn't from God but he still had complete control over the people.

Differences; They difference between the Syrian and French revolution is the Syrian revolution was very violent and the city was destroyed while the French got what they wanted while Syria did not.



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