A Cave of Wonders By: Maya Rome

There once was a girl named Alyssa. She is a very smart, bright young soul who loved to explore. She has beautiful green eyes and long blonde hair. She lives in a small town called Forks, Washington. Population 3,456. Not a lot of people.

It is rarely sunny here in Forks, but also very mysterious. There have been so many news stories lately about kids wandering off into the woods and have not been found for weeks. People in the town are very scared that they might lose their kid.


The next day,Alyssa’s parents hear that another kid has been gone missing. Alyssa’s parents were getting very afraid that there is someone out there taking everyone’s kids, and maybe might take her.

They took her deep into the basement and kept her there so that no one will take her. They are getting very frightened, they aren’t getting any sleep, they can’t eat, they are terrified. Every couple minutes they come down hoping that their child is still there every time they come downstairs.

They come downstairs and they don’t see her where she normally is. They look around and they see her. She was looking out the window, waiting to be able to go outside again. Waiting to be able to walk with her friends to school and talk to people again.

“Honey”, her mom said with a worried look on her face

“What’s on your mind? Is everything ok?”.

“I want to be able to talk to my friends, I want to see them again,” Alyssa looked out the window, “I want to go outside, and enjoy life again,”.

“ Oh honey, I know, but this will be only for a few more days.”

A couple days later, Alyssa’s parents came downstairs and they told her she could go outside and play with her friends, and go to school again. Alyssa was so excited to finally be able to be free again.

She went outside and played with her friends. When it was time to go into the house Alyssa heard something. It sounded beautiful and calm. She looked around until she saw it. A blue jay was singing above her. She wanted to talk to it, but all it was doing was singing. The she listened very carefully. A few moments later, she heard a voice. It said,” Follow me.” Should I follow it or not?As Alyssa wondered, the blue jay flew above her majestically. She decided to follow it. Quickly before her eyes, the Blue Jay turned into a beautiful horse. It had long, shiny black hair and a black body. She had her jaw dropped in amazement. She heard the horse say, “ Climb on in a playful tone. She got on the horse's back and they rode off to their destination.

“My name is Jack!” he said while he was prancing to the destination that waited for them.

When they arrived at their destination, all Alyssa saw was a stone wall with moss and vine growing on it. Jack went up to it, stomped on the ground three times, and knocked on it five times. All of a sudden the wall burst open and there was music and all the kids that were on the news, were there!

“I’m going to go tell my parents about this! They will think that this is the coolest thing ever!” Alyssa jumped to her feet getting ready run then all of a sudden she heard Jack yell “Stop!” Alyssa turned around very slowly and frightened.

“You can not go and tell any adult. There is a barrier when you enter the cave, you would have not noticed it because you are a kid. Only kids and mystical creatures can enter The Cave of Wonders. Now here is the catch. When you enter the cave, time doesn’t pass. When you come out the cave, everything will be just as it was before you entered. If a troll wants to come in it can, because it is a mystical creature. However, the trolls don’t know that we are here or the code to get in here. If trolls are in the area anywhere near us, we have to go on lockdown.”

“Why?” Alyssa was very frightened and worried about what Jack was about to say.

“We go in lockdown because the trolls like to eat little kids, especially the energized ones.”

Alyssa was so scared that a troll might find them that she had to ask more.

“How long ago was the last time you saw one?”

“Not for a while, about two years to be exact. Anyway, let me show you around!”

As they walked around the cave, Alyssa’s jaw was dropped. The walls were made up of shiny rocks of all sorts. There was a room made especially for her.

“This is your room.” Jack was leading her into the room.

“My very own room!”


“This is so cool!”

At the end of the day she went to bed in her king-sized bed that she loved to pieces. As she was falling asleep she was getting a little homesick. She wanted to go back home but she just couldn’t. She wanted to just sleep on it. She had just had the coolest day ever.

Alyssa woke up and she went to go get breakfast. She went and got some pancakes and as soon as she sat down she heard stomping. Then, the ground shook. Next to her glass of orange juice fell over. She heard sirens. Trolls!

The trolls had green skin, big noses, and they were unconditionally smelly. The had long arms that had long hair growing on them. The hair on top of their heads was curly and there were bugs, flying around them. You could smell the from a mile away. That’s how we know that they are coming.

Alyssa looked around. She saw Jack. He had a relieved look on his face to see her safe and sound. “Come! Quick!” Jack was making a gesture for her to come and follow him.

She got up and moved quickly and rushed to him. She got on his back and they ran to the safest place in the cave. They went deep into the end of the cave and there was another code, only a little different than last time. They went into the place and they saw no one there. The trolls got them. Alyssa and Jack, were the only ones left.

They went back outside and the trolls were gone. Alyssa had to get back home. She said her goodbyes to Jack. She hugged him and ran off, he ran off to find another place for really special kids like her. Alyssa was his favorite. She meant more to him than anyone else that he has ever met.

Alyssa went back home and everything was just the way it was when she entered the cave. She went into her house, her parents were making dinner.

“How was your day honey?” Her mom turned around in curiosity.


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