How To Build a Bowstring Popsicle Stick Bridge For Dummies By Jazel carr

Step 1: Lay out a 40 inch, straight line of popsicle sticks 1 inch apart from each other. ( use a meter stick to measure) Then place another line of popsicle sticks evenly to cover the gap between the popsicle sticks. Glue the popsicle sticks together, and use a few paper clips to hold them in place. Use the paperclip at the parts you glued. Make two sets of these lines of sticks. (glue can dry while building next step)

Step 2: Next on the list, creating the two sides. These have to be the strongest part of the bridge, as they contain most of the support. First off, measure a straight, 40 inch line of sticks, but make the of the last three popsicles sticks go slightly downward. Layer these sticks with others on top of them, covering the part they touch. Then add another layer of sticks doing the same thing, and once you have the outline you can start gluing. Make sure to make two of these lines of sticks. You will be using 64 popsicles sticks to do this. (let glue dry overnight to ensure the popsicle sticks won't slip all over the place)

Step 3: Once the glue dries, you can connect the first line of sticks you made to the previous, slightly arched line of sticks. Do this by connecting the ends of the last popsicle sticks together on both lines of sticks with glue. Repeat this to the other lines of sticks, and you have your two main support beams. (also let glue dry overnight)

Step 4: Now it's time to connect the two support arches at the top, so that you can have an enclosed figure. Simply hold the two pieces upright and facing each other, and put a Kleenex box between the two pieces, and hold that in place with two rubber bands. Stretch the rubber out and place them where the Kleenex box ends. The end parts of the bridge that are not covered by rubber bands is where to start connecting with the sticks.

Step 5: Then to connect the top, form a triangular shape with the sticks. First place a stick straight at the very ends of the two lines to connect them. (there could be a possible difficulty here if you do not connect the ends first, sticks could slip because the ends would not be stable) Then place a popsicle stick at a sixty degree angle from the stick overlapping the end of another stick to create a triangular shape. Repeat this process until you reach a rubber band, gluing as you go, then allow to dry overnight.

Step 6: When the glue has dried, you can carefully take off the rubber bands, and remove the Kleenex box. Now you can repeat the triangular shape all throughout the top of the bridge, gluing as you go. When building a bridge, triangular shapes offer some of the best kind of supports. You will be using 32 sticks to do this.

Step 7: Next it's time for the side supports. Again, make triangles to support the bridge. Make the triangles on the end wider, and thinner as they go towards the middle. Connect the tops of the triangles to the topside the bridge, and the bottom of the triangles to the bottom side of the bridge with glue. Repeat this same process on the other side, making them even with each-other. Hold the popsicle sticks in place for at least a minute to ensure they are secure, or else they could slip. There are 31 sticks that are needed for this. (let glue dry overnight)

Step 8: Bridges are all about support, so now do the same exact thing you just did with the triangles on the outside of the bridge, and remake it on the inside. Again use the triangle shapes, connecting the tops of the top sides of the bridge with glue, and the bottoms to the bottom sides of the bridge. Make sure to make them even with the popsicle sticks on the outside of the bridge. (let glue dry overnight, making sure to place the bridge upside down to keep the glue from going everywhere)

Step 9: Now it's time for the final part of the bridge, the bottom. Again, make the familiar triangular shape, layering the very ends of the popsicle sticks on top of one another. Glue these triangles onto the bridge, and make sure the triangles cover the whole bottom of the bridge.

(alternative name- "how to build Noah's ark out of popsicle sticks)"

Step 10: The final step is easy. Simply add sticks across the top and bottom of the triangles you just glued down. Glue the sticks down and allow to dry.

(held 87 pounds)

Now sit back and watch Mr. Damm's contraption crush your soul as he crushes the bridge you worked on for two weeks. :))

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