Jian Kang 11/1/2016

Fact or Fiction?The musclesin your body weights about 85% of your body weight.

Musle in body.

Fact!!!The muscles in your body does weight 85% of your body weight.

85% of body weight.

Fact or Fiction?The Muscular system has 4 types of muscles.

Fiction!!!Their are 3 types of muscles in our body.

FACT OR FICTION ? The skeletal muscles make your body move.

Fact. The skeletal muscle does make our body move.

FACT OR FICTION ?The skeletal muscles pushes on the bones to make them move.

Fact!The skeletal muscle does pulls on the bones to move our body

Fact or fiction?The Biceps AND TRICEps muscles make our body move.

Fiction!The byseps and tryseps muscles just contracts on your bone.

Fact or fiction?Your muscles are lighter than skin.

Fiction.The mouscle is greater than skin.

4 more facts.1.The mouscle is soft.2.The mouscle is your hope to move.3. The smooth muscle is in the organs.4.The caredeac muscle is in the heart.

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