Testimonials Hear what our tribe says!

"This is what happens to a 65 year old woman who experienced an ovarian cancer operation and Two brain surgeries with chemo and radiation then a recovery of self because of Miriam Benitez Rogers Wild-Thing Yoga classes. I’m blessed to have her expert devotion in my life."- Susan S.

"Wild-thing Yoga’s 6 week challenge was a lifeline to get motivated and back into daily practice.Miriam offers a variety of classes for all levels and the best part is you can choose depending on how much time you have available. I found that once I got motivated and going I’d make more time to keep moving.Miriam made herself available and encouraged us all without judgment, I love how refreshingly honest and real she is 💗I feel healthy, strong and inspired to keep going, so proud to be a founding member of the wild-thing tribe!"- Monique R.

"I have never been into Yoga. I never felt like I was flexible enough, or disciplined enough. I have been in a funk lately and the challenge came at the perfect time for me! I put my heart into this challenge and came out stronger than I imagined I would! Miriam is a great teacher and has taught me how to ground my thoughts, and how to persevere through challenges that I probably would have never attempted. I am forever changed mentally and physically. I would recommend a challenge or to sign up for a subscription to anyone ready to make a change. Whether you are at the beginning of your health journey, in the middle, or just need something different- you will not be disappointed. Thank you for everything Miriam, Much LOVE!!!"- Ashleigh T.

"Indeed you are one of the best..... thank you so much for having you in my lil simple way of doing it to understand how to work hard for it."- Ybeth H.

From our Yoga Fitness Challenge- Rachel G.

"Wild thing yoga has been my saving grace throughout this pandemic. I’ve been struggling for a few years with hip and back pain and I’ve always struggled with flexibility. In April a friend shared Miriam’s Facebook page with me and recommended I try her videos. I had dabbled here and there with yoga but couldn’t get into it. It either didn’t hold my attention and I felt I wasn’t getting a good enough workout or it was too hard and I gave up immediately. But I was in dire straights and thought I’d give her a try. I have loved her workouts since the first one I tried. She’s so positive, easy to listen to, does a great job instructing and explaining each move, and inspiring by how flexible she is in her movements. The workouts hold my attention and I feel so good afterwards. Her Yoga HIIT classes are my favorite! They are hard but fun and they’re usually only around 30 minutes which sometimes is all the time I have to work out. It’s been so fun trying new ones each time as she posts a wonderful variety. I never get bored. I LOVE being able to work out in the privacy of my own home as I’m still quite the beginner. Knowing me, I would be embarrassed at my current abilities in a studio and probably give up. But she’s so reassuring and her beginner (greens and blues) are perfect for my ability level. They push me but don’t discourage me. I also love being able to work out with no commute, shower, and be on with my day. I haven’t had any hip or back pain for a while now and my flexibility has greatly improved. Can you tell I’m a fan? Thank you Miriam for doing this for us and making yoga a rewarding experience!"- Janna P.

"I am thrilled to have been a part of the first yoga fitness challenge with Miriam and Wild-Thing Yoga. I was looking for a way to become more involved in my practice with the motivation from others. Miriam’s classes are unique, challenging, and WAY worth it! My end goal was to increase my strength/endurance, gain more lean/toned muscle and work on my flexibility. I am definitely well on my way with this goal and I’m feeling great doing it. I’ve noticed improved movement and jumping on the volleyball court and I feel stronger mentally and physically (I’ve firmed up some of that flab!). I’m super excited to continue working out with the other founding members of this group. I’ve come to love these classes as part of my daily routine. There’s something for everyone and every day! Thank you, Miriam, for inviting me into your mission and allowing me to bring yoga into my home."- Ginger W.

"I was really happy to find Wild Thing Yoga during this crazy time! I really enjoy Yoga, and with the gyms being closed I was really missing my regular Yoga classes. I thought that it was so great that Miriam was offering classes free of charge for so many months-it was so helpful to me! I was excited to do the 45 day challenge and thoroughly enjoyed it! After the challenge I have subscribed to Miriam's website and really enjoy logging on and choosing whatever class I want to do whenever I want! She is such a great instructor and does such a mix of classes- they are all so good and really fun! Thank you Miriam!"- Grace M.

"I decided to do the yoga challenge because I wanted to feel fitter, stronger and improve my flexibility. I have to say that after the 45 day challenge I feel that I did achieve just that. I really enjoyed the yoga lift classes and felt I got an excellent workout from the yoga HITT classes. I found these challenging but the certainly got me sweating and afterwards I felt so relaxed. I have enjoyed making time for myself everyday and I have felt more connected with my body and movements. Miriam is such a wonderful yoga teacher. I have been to yoga classes previously and I have to say I prefer the virtual classes that Miriam offers. I am able to exercise more often as I can fit it around my busy schedule and this really suits me. I will certainly be subscribing to her website and look forward to continuing my yoga journey with Wild-Thing Yoga."- Chloe C.