The Man in the High Castle comes to Clemson

It is the year 1947 in a alternative universe Nazi Germany has invaded the United States taking over the whole east coast. Many people expected that the invasion inevitable ever since the disastrous Battle of D-Day when the German decisively defeated the Americans on the beaches of Normandy, France in 1944. Leaving the American Army crippled and being half as powerful as it used to be before the battle.

To make matters worse Japanese Empire counter attacked and are now invading the West Coast of the United States.

Occupation Begins...

With Nazi's in control of much of the United States they counter very little resistance are rule with an iron fist and commit atrocities throughout the United States. The only places of hope and resistance is on college campuses the strongest being on Clemson University. Where the students have always been known for their resilience and love of the 2nd Amendment.

With some resistance the Nazi's decide that controlling Clemson is not worth cost as decide to pull their occupation of Clemson's ground. This inspired other universities students to take the same action as Clemson students did and achieve the same result.

The inspiring bravery led by college students across the nation leads to a new resistance with in the former United States (now Greater German Reich) to rise from the ashes. Through assassination of high ranking Nazi SS officers and military ambushes the push the Nazi army back. The same also happen to the west coast and drive the Empire of Japan back. The United States is restored! While times are still dark in this dystopian dimension there is some light at the end of the tunnel all thanks to Clemson students.


Created with images by BillDamon - "D-Day"

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