Educating homeless children cindy diaz & samantha albanese

Since an early age we want to ensure education and work opportunities. Our goal is to provide homeless children with the resources needed to gain an education. Education is much needed by all children, and by providing them with learning necessities ensures a promising future. We want to make sure they grow up with the proper education they will be needing in the future. By helping them gain an education, we hope to help them find a stable job. We aim to help them make a livable income to help stop the cycle of poverty one child at a time.

Getting places is hard when people do not have the education that is needed. Children have always been said to be the future and that is what we want to unsure. Children having a stable home helps a lot but a problem comes up when the youth do not have a stable home and somewhere to grow up in, somewhere they can feel safe and protected. Homeless children do not have places where they can learn or grow into the people they would want to be. Twenty-three percent of the homeless population are under the age of eighteen. They are still very young and have a lot of opportunities with the right education. Not all homeless children attend school, and out of the children, they do not always go regularly. Homelessness is never the child's fault; therefore, they should not suffer for that. In a broad survey of more than 600 youth-care clients, they found that 74% had been physically abused.

We believe that this problem must be given proper attention because children who are homeless need to get a proper education in order to reconstruct their lives. With the proper attention the youth can get jobs and make income and eventually have a stable job and then get a house. 87% of homeless youth are enrolled in school, only 77% attend school regularly. The 10% that do not attend school daily will struggle more with getting a job than those children that do attend school everyday.

The plan to resolve this issue is to work with local schools to identify what kids need help with and provide to their needs. The state has to educate, so our plan is to get them the resources they need to be successful. Homeless youth would need help getting to and from school daily, homework help after school, clothes and food. We hope to help the children that truly need need the extra financial, physical, emotional and educational support that any kid needs.

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