Dreaming of Sleep California Government takes action as students are not getting enough sleep

Published on January 25, 2021

Sophomore Erica Baeza has spent late nights working on different projects and still not having enough time to do all of her work. Having extra time in the morning would be very useful.

“I had to stay up late to finish a bio project and I forgot to study for math and I failed it so if I had more time to study in the morning it would have helped a lot.” Baeza said.

On Oct. 13 2019, Senate Bill #328 was passed. This bill will make it so that by the year 2022, schools will not begin earlier than 8:30 a.m in California. The state senate passed this bill because of the effects of sleep deprivation on students. It affects their health and learning ability. During distance learning, the start time of school was pushed from 8:00a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Which allowed students to sleep more or have more time in the morning to get ready for their day.

Baeza struggled in previous first period classes due to having to wake up so early in class. Being able to go to school later would be very beneficial for her because she would be able to have more time to wake up.

“I didn't do good in first period classes because I was half asleep and it would help me be more awake and I would do better.” Baeza said.

Senior Bryanna Gonzalez also agreed that going to school would be beneficial for students. She recalled having to be rushed in the morning while trying to get ready for school. A later start time would allow students to have more time to get ready in the morning and a better chance to get to school on time. The later start time in distance learning has already helped her.

“Since we start school at nine it makes me feel more prepared. I actually eat breakfast.” Gonzalez said.

Infographic designed by Alexis May Go and Dorothy Hoang

Senior Isaac Dyer understands how it feels to not be able to pay attention in classes because you are so tired. He thinks that if we were able to sleep more we would be more attentive in class therefore we would be able to do better in school.

“We would pay attention more because we would be more focused on what is going on in class instead of dozing off.” Dyer said.

Since we will be entering school later in the day that means that school will release students later in the day. That can cause problems with schedules, jobs, family, sports, and other extracurricular activities. As an athlete Beaza would understand the challenges that would arise if we were released later in the day.

“ Athletes would struggle because if we go to school later we get out later and I personally already get out late because of practice so it would make it even later” Baeza said.

Students use their time after school to work on homework and projects that are due in the upcoming days. If students are released later that would give them less time to do their homework. That is a concern for Dyer.

“ If we go to school later we would get out later in the afternoon which makes it harder for us to finish our work because it is later in the day, past 3 oclock.” Dyer said.

Students have mixed feelings about having school start later. It would give them more time in the morning to get ready for school but the school day may be longer in the afternoon. After considering those two sides they do believe that in the end starting school later could have a big benefit on students.

“It would benefit students because they could get more sleep and perform better in school. Since school is early students can’t do their best in the earlier classes because they are tired.” said Gonzalez.

This student found themself dozing off into a sleep 10 minutes into 1st period. Little did they know, they would’ve woken up 20 minutes later finding themself kicked out of the zoom meeting. The student then rejoined the class and proceeded with the regular scheduled meetings.
This student woke up in a daze at 10am on a Tuesday morning having just realized their alarms haven’t gone off or they subconsciously turned them off at some point during the early hours. The first words uttered to the teacher by this very student on that day was “Sorry Mr.Lo”.
Despite having woken up early and showing up to 2nd period on time, this student believed that a 15 minute nap would replenish their energy. That 15 minute nap turned out to be a 130 minute nap causing the student to miss all of 2nd period and 55 minutes of 4th period. The student was later awoken to their pet birds screaming for their breakfast.
Mid-nap in their class, this student awoke abruptly to their name being called. In a panic, the student scrambled to unmute themself to answer the teacher’s question, however, they were too late to answer and were kicked out of the meeting.
Unintentionally waking an hour early before class, this student believed they still had time to rest until the start of class. Despite the 5 alarms set to wake this student up on time, they failed to acknowledge them in their deep slumber. As the student woke up, they figured they had slept through 40 minutes of their Wednesday class. Instead of attending the remainder of class, this student took this time doze off back into their slumber.

Illustration by Dorothy Hoang

Created By
Angelina Buell


Alexis May Go and Dorothy Hoang