The Era Of Good Feelings . Early American politics, art, music and literature

Hello I’m thomas petit and I am a frenchman and I traveled to the united states from France and I now have returned. I have to write a draft of my book about the early american life.


Music was like upbeat and happy but some were a mix of depressing feelings or background music and the lyrics were happy and joyful. Most music in america was mostly played in churches or outside the churches. In the north and south music was different. In the north music was sometimes played in orchestras and they played classical music. At the orchestras they played music that couples or other folks could dance to. I noticed in the south, african americans combined hymns of white churchgoers to create spirituals with their own music. The slaves in the south entertained themselves or slave owners by playing folk songs played by violins, drums and banjo. I think the music is some of the best I have heard in a long time.


I noticed on my trip to America that the art was mostly European tradition like, but by the end of my trip I was noticing that they gradually created their own style of art. For example professional artist made living portraits which captured emotion and personalities. Other artist painted nature with fine detailed portraits of birds. The portraits of the birds were accurate and realistic. The artist studied the birds before they drew them. I also noticed some artist were focusing on Native American Indian traditions.


In America I saw that literature was very unique and different. One of the first artist was James Fenimore Cooper and Day Crockett. Davy Crockett wrote many real-life frontiersman novels and Cooper wrote adventurous and wild stories. Many of the novels that they wrote were very representative of their country and mostly of nature and the wilderness. These writers and novelists encouraged the growth of a national identity.


On my trip I met a man named Henry clay and he believed that America's future would be a capitolium and i noticed that he supported the American System. I also saw the people arguing about a bank. The bank would have been private and many believed it made the rich richer and the rich loved this idea. In 1824 four candidates tied in electoral votes and the house had to decide on a president and they chose John Quincy Adams. After he was elected the candidate Andrew Jackson was Very mad and he said he would run next election and he did and won and he was the new president.

The end of my expedition to America

In conclusion, My trip to America was great. The Americans were very creative and they have a great sense in art, literature, music and politics. I think that the Americans have a great new country and they are very happy with out being part of the British.

Work cited

TCI, "History Alive", 2011, pp 246-250


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