There Shouldn't be A New tax on Junk Food

Junk food, a lot of people will eat it from time to time but did you know that the Government wants to put a ridiculous tax on it? They really should be worrying about more important things as it already has a tax on it, If they don't want people to buy junk food lower prices on Fruit and vegetables and some companies have already started to rise their prices.

Putting on another tax is ridiculous as there is technically already a tax which is GST ( GST is also known as Goods and Services Tax). For instance these foods are taxable, Bakery Products, Hot Food, Smiths chips and Cadbury chocolate. GST is put on these products because they are considered as not an essential product or thing. One of the things GST dozen't put a tax on is fruit because we need it for our health, even though it wouldn't make a difference because it is all ready expensive.

Fruit and vegetable prices have rocketed through the roof, Because of this people buy the tastier and cheaper option... Junk Food. If the super markets were to lower the prices of fruit and vegetables it would be a whole new story. On the online Coles store this was proved with some outrageous prices, the only reasonably priced products were the specials and they will soon go back to their normal price. Coles and Woolworths are big super markets so people go there and do their weekly shop without going to any smaller businesses to find a cheaper price on the same item. The supermarkets take advantage of that and don't think to lower the prices and instead might rise then by a little bit and it's not only the fruit and vegetables that might be going up it's also companies like Cadbury and Smiths.

Why put a tax on junk food when the prices are already on the climb? For example Smiths chips and Cadbury chocolate. Smiths chips are now rising the prices and not only that but they are now selling half air in each of their bags so you're paying full price for only half a bag of chips. Cadbury chocolates are now shrinking but they are asking the super markets to rise the price because people are obviously still buying their chocolate products.

As was previously stated the Government should be busied by something else because junk food already has a tax, if something must be done lower fruit and vegetable prices and some companies have already started to rise their prises. This must now convince you knowing that even though junk food is a problem in Australia this is not the only strategy we could use to resolve it.

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