Number the Stars Book Diary By Anayeli


I think that war is when two groups of people are fighting against each other. Having to hear the screams of fear and the explosions of bombs and bullets being shot.The smell of smoke would be torturing to whiff everyday as you wake up. The sight of

In war world II in those countries probably had the fear of dieing at any moment. The sight of being taken away and killed for no reason is the worst sight to see. The crys of people about to be taken away and have their lives taken away for no reason.


Neighbors are the people that live beside me and that are nice and lend you a hand with things during hard times and sometimes could be annoying.

If there was a war going on and my neighborhood was affected. I would realistically respond by? I would offer my neighbors shelter and food if they need it. I would hide away and try to save myself and the people I care about.


I think that Number the Stars will be about a neighborhood that is affected by World War II and that have to keep safe from the Nazis .But will make friends and family go against each other .The characters will have to be brave through tough times.And will have to plan things and figure out how to stay alive through all this crazy stuff happening.

Literary Analysis

Momma says, "Be one of many?." I think that it means that you shouldn't be liked everyone else and do what they are doing that could risk something you care so much about. She wants Annemarie and her sister safe from the German soldiers.

If the Danes were willing to protect the Jews, Annamarie would be able to help her neighbors by trying to hide them in her home and give them some supplies for a while from being effected by what the Germans are doing to the Jewish.

In chapter 3, Annamarie felt that she wasn’t ready to give her life for Jews

Different because now she feels as if she can risk giving her life for any Jew and her friend Ellen, in any desperate time for their safety.

That the star imprinted star of David on her showed that her and Ellen would have each other’s back even in the most awful times. They would both be brave enough to do what -ever it takes for both of them to be together once again.


We just read about Mama taking the Rosens and a few more Jews to Sweden for their safety and then Mr. Rosen tripping on the step and the package slipped out from his pocket, and then Annamarie found it the next morning after she found Mama on the ground with a broken ankle. Then Mama saw it and told her to place it under bread, cheese, and apples and to act like a normal empty-headed girl taking lunch to a fisherman. While she was on her way to give the packet to Henrick, she encountered four soldiers and two large dogs.I think that Annamarie will be questioned by the soldiers for what she is doing that early in the morning. Then they will ask her about what is in the basket, and make her take out everything inside from the basket in front of them because they are suspicious about what is in it.


Man vs. Man

When the German soldiers were trying to get all the people from the resistance meeting, and that they got Lise but the ran her over so she couldn't do anything afterwards. The other had to fight with the soldiers, or to try to help other people escape from the massacre going on.

That fighting could be the answer, but can result in losing someone later on in life.

I knew this was a Man vs. Man conflict because Lise was fighting against the soldiers, so she could survive but she ended up passing away. The soldiers were against Lise and the won against her by taking her life away.

Man vs. Society

The picture shows a shriveled up match with other matches around it. It seems like the shriveled match looks like a person that has been beaten up by a group of people and the matches around it seem like the group/ society that beat up the little match in the middle.

When Annemarie had to give the package that Mr. Rosen had dropped after he tripped on the loose step, but when she was almost to Uncle Henrik a group of soldiers had made her stop and spooked through her basket of which hid the package inside.

That you will have to be brave at the least expected moments and that knowing less can keep you safe from harm.

I knew this event was a Man vs. Society because Annemarie was the only person who was talking to the soldiers and had to deal with them on her own. The German soldiers are the society that is going against Annamarie by not letting her go leave " Uncle Henrik's lunch" quickly.

Man vs. Nature

This picture reminds me of the tree root Mrs. Johansen fell over at Uncle Henric's house after she was coming back from the boat she had used to make the journey in the middle of the night. After she got off the boat in the dark, she tripped over the tree root and cause her to break her ankle.

That after doing a lot of good you can end up hurting yourself soon but it would be worth it.

I know this was a Man vs. Nature conflict because Mrs. Johansen was the man part in the conflict and the tree root was the nature part of the conflict because it is part of nature.

Man vs. Self

The picture shows how Annamarie would have felt when she wanted to know everything that was happening around her about the war, but she couldn't know everything because it was for her safety and for the safety of Ellen's family.

That knowing less can save someone's life when you least expect it .

I knew this was a Man vs. Self conflict because the man is Annamarie since she wants to know about everything, but she can't because she isn't supposed to. The self part is Annamarie's mind that is telling her that she shouldn't know everything because she could risk losing someone or make something really bad happen.


Being brave is knowing less and acting calm during dangerous times, and it shouldn't be shown through violence.

That people should be calm during hard times because it can only make things worse, and that things aren't always resolved with fighting or killing.

In the beginning of the book Annamarie was calm when the two German soldiers stopped Ellen, Kirsti, and her at the street corner while they were racing. Annamarie was calm the whole time the soldiers were questioning her.

At the end she was brave when she had to give the package that Mr. Rosen dropped back to Uncle Henrik. Since it was important for the Jews escapes, or else they would be taken away by the Germans.

Vocabulary Words

Lanky & Stocky

"She was a stocky ten-year-old, unlike lanky Annemarie."(page 1)

Based in the sentence,stocky sounds like the word stiff and lanky sounds like the word is lose.The words are describing characters's looks.

Lanky means small or tall and skinny. Stocky mines bulky or thickset.

Suffix is -y, relating to filled with. Other words messy,cheesy,lucky.


"But Annemarie heard Mama and Papa talk, sometimes at night, about the news they received that way: news of sabotage against the Nazis, bombs hidden and exploded on factories that produced war materials, and industrial railroad lines damaged so that the goods couldn't be transported." (8)

Based on the sentence, the word is describing an action that is going to be done. The word is describing a character also an event and it seems like it means ruin something.

Sabotage means to damage something on purpose.


"Stand still, Kirsti, Annemarie ordered silently, praying that somehow the obstinate five-year-old would receive the message." (4)

In the sentence the word is describing a character on the way she acts. The word seems like it means doesn't listen because Annemarie was praying silently for Kirsti to understand her thought.

Obstinate means stubborn and is just a fancier way to write or say stubborn.


" Wait for me!" wailed Kirsti, left behind, but the two older girls weren't listening." (2)

In the quote, the word is describing an action of a character. It is describing the girl as if she was yelling something to someone.

Wailed means to give a cry of pain, grief (sadness) or anger.

Suffix is -ed, means to have already done something in the past.


"Three years, Annemarie thought in contempt." (3)

In this sentence, the word was describing a character. It was describing on the way the girl was thinking.

Contempt means to have disapproval and disgust on something.


"Thinking of Lise, her solemn, loving sister, always made her sad." (13)

Based on the quote, the word is describing a character. Since it's describing how Lise was before she died, and is now a memory her sister has of her.

Solemn means to be serious.


"Ellen stood on tiptoe again, and made and imperious gesture with her arm." (39)

In the sentence, the word is describing how the character is acting. The girl in the quote is acting in a royal way.

Imperious means an a dominant leader who abuses their power.


"She looked down, and saw the Star of David into her palm." (49)

Based in on the sentence, it's describing how what the character saw. It is describing the appearance of the girl's hand.

Imprint means to leave a mark in something.


"Ellen and Annemarie both smiled tentatively" (50)

The word in the sentence was describing how the characters were acting. The two girls were smiling in a certain way because something strange happened.

Tentative means unsure or nervous.

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