Daybreak Soap Box Derby 2021

We had a fantastic time at the first Daybreak Soap Box Derby on April 24th! During the event, we had 25 racers with two divisions, and thousands who came to watch. We had six news stations report on this event with five onsite, including KSL-TV, ABC 4 Utah, KUTV TV, Salt Lake Tribune, South Jordan Journal, & Fox 13 TV.

The event included three food trucks onsite with an Inflatable Dinosaur Race and other activities to amuse the crowds!

A few companies purchased cars and donated them to kids for them to build. Several families and groups purchased cars for the race. Here are a few pictures highlighting the day!

Thank you to Jason Yeaman for providing the Drone Footage!

Trophies were made from old car parts and provided by SugarPost Metal.

Thanks to all those that participated and attended the first Daybreak Soap Box Derby!

Many safety protocols were in place for the event including detailed vehicle inspection, closing the road with barricades, EMT’s onsite, and two way radios.

We want to thank the South Jordan City for working with us on this event and thank our volunteers that helped make this event possible: Thaddeus McKay Weiland, Kroger Charles Menzer, Teresa Onken, Lisa Good Radke, Mark Nischalke, Matt Radke, Granger Baseball Team.

This event was orchestrated by the brilliant Henri Johnson!

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