Notes from the President District Update | June 7, 2020

Hello Falcon Families!

With concerning recent events happening across the country, I feel it is important to share a message of equality and solidarity from our Team at JPEC. Please use the below button to read this statement.

Supporting Students Through July 31

Our Winter Term wrapped up on Friday, June 5. This means that our faculty will continue to support our Falcons without adding new instructional material to Schoology. Due to our skills-based approach, we are able to provide our students additional time to master their skills just as we do normally each term and year. This means that students are able to continue practicing and demonstrating proficiency with their skills through July 31.

Please remember that ALL Winter Term courses are now credit/no credit. We made this decision due to the required school closure and transition to online remote learning. We also made this decision so that students' GPAs would not be effected during this time. Additionally, due to the known, and unknown, challenges with online remote learning, we decided to focus on only core content classes with online learning, allowing students to engage and earn credit in core classes for the Winter Term.

Please keep in mind that this means all elective course for the Winter Term will be noted as No Credit and WILL NOT be calculated into any student's GPA. There will be no negative impact for any student. Credit and No Credit designations will be reflected on students' progress reports and transcripts. We have connected with colleges and have been assured that admissions departments are fully aware of the challenges for public schools during the outbreak and expect to see variances noted on students' transcripts. This will not be an issue for any of our students.

Also, please remember that students who do not demonstrate full proficiency with their skills and earn credit in their core classes during this time, will continue with these courses and skills in the fall. We are focused on making sure that our students are prepared and successful rather than pushing any students ahead only to struggle do to being unprepared.

Beginning tomorrow, June 8, our faculty will continue to provide Focus Group virtual meetings on Mondays and be accessible to students who are continuing to work on their skills and assignments that have been posted in Schoology. Teachers will be available to students as needed rather than continuing to hold consistent "office hours". Students, this means that you will need to reach out directly to your teachers and let them know the support that you need. Teachers will be available to connect virtually and through email to help any Falcon who is striving to earn credit in their core classes by July 31.

For students who are continuing to work towards achieving credit for Winter Term courses, please see this message from Mr. Marowelli regarding accessing courses on Schoology:


If you're still working on Winter term work, because the term has officially ended, you'll have trouble finding the classes in Schoology. In order to see past classes, you need to go to My Courses, and then change the selection from Current to Archived, as seen in the picture below.

An important note: Teachers won't get automatic notifications when you hand in assignments from past terms. You'll need to notify them that you've submitted that work, so they can review it.

Fall 2020 & Reopening

We are continuing to work through our plans for this coming fall. We are expecting that public schools will be allowed to resume face-to-face instruction but likely in a limited capacity and following social distancing guidelines.

Our School Leaders and faculty are preparing to run courses both on campus and streaming virtually. We are preparing for an alternating schedule which would have 50% of our students from both schools attending classes on campus on Monday & Tuesday and the other 50% of our students attending classes on campus on Thursday & Friday. This would allow us to do deep cleaning and sanitizing (beyond the daily cleaning that will occur) on Wednesdays with teachers running office hours to support our students.

Students will attend classes virtually on the days they are not on campus while our faculty will live stream instruction. So, for example...

  • Student on Schedule A - Attends in-person classes on Monday & Tuesday and participates in live streaming classes virtually on Thursday & Friday.
  • Student on Schedule B - Participates in live streaming classes virtually on Monday & Tuesday and attends in-person classes on Thursday & Friday.

We are preparing so that families/students may also have the choice to remain fully online/virtual if desired and needed.

Additional planning and preparation for this coming Fall...

  • All students will be screened for symptoms and have their temperature checked each morning prior to entering the building
  • Class sizes decreased to approximately 15 students to allow for appropriate social distancing
  • Directional indicators and foot traffic flow management will be in effect in all common areas and hallways
  • All staff and students will be expected to wear masks. Masks will be provided to students who need one.
  • Cleaning of classroom desks, chairs, and doors will happen after each class period.
  • Common breaks will be staggered to minimize crowding and eliminate larger numbers of students gathering.
  • Students will be eating lunch in designated classrooms and outside to maintain social distancing and small groups.

Please keep in mind that our planning is ongoing and will be further developed as guidance from the State is given. This guidance may also require us to modify our plan in certain ways dependent upon accountability and allowances of public schools for the 2020-2021 academic year.

College Prep

Picking Up Remaining Items Left at School

Ms. Holton and Ms. Moe will be at the College Prep EIC building on Tuesday, June 9, from 12:30-2:30 if your student has personal items or medication to pick up. Personal items will be bagged and labeled when removed from lockers. Entry into the building will not be permitted at this time, so please stay in your vehicle. We will come out to greet you, bring out your items and get you on your way quickly. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Ms. Holton (debra.holton@jacksonpec.org) or Ms. Moe (maureen.fernandez@jacksonpec.org). Thank you!

-Shane A. Malmquist

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