In a Nick of Time A Precambrian getaway experience

Travel back to the Precambrian time period. A time reminiscent of over 4.6 billion years ago when the Earth just started to form an atmosphere of it's own. Asteroids have recently crashed into the earth and we have brand new fresh oceans.

During this specific time there was barely any

From our underwater hotel you can see that there is still molten lava on the oceans floor. And enjoy the many underwater creatures that ruled to world billions years ago.

Our 5 star chefs make the best food out of these little sea critters. We do recommend for dare devils to try our food. But we have our staff back in the 21st century to send us food that we are used to.


  • Our algae salad with mixed veggies and grilled chicken
  • In the mornings indulge in our peanut butter and jelly fish sandwich. Made from wheat bread, Peanut Butter, and sugar coated jelly fish fillets
We give you a can of Oxygen

There is barely any oxygen in the precambrian time era, but we do distribute oxygen and thats how you pay for your trip.

2 days 1 night $700

3 days 2 nights $800

4 days 3 nights $900

5 days 4 nights $1,000

6 days 5 nights 1,100

7 days 6 nights $1,200



Created with images by skeeze - "volcano lava flowing" • Helge V. Keitel - "Volcano ash" • skeeze - "volcano lava flowing" • Unsplash - "jellyfish underwater sea"

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