My Saturday at the Museum Florida museum of natural history

Nature on Display: My favourite exhibit at the museum was probably the butterfly exhibit. I understand that most of the kids are probably gonna have the same response, but honestly it was really cool. There's a place down in South Florida called Butterfly World that is basically the same concept as this exhibit so it was nice seeing something similar up here. The design of the butterfly exhibit was interesting because when you entered through the doors it felt as though you were going in to a completely different world. Everything was green and there were plenty of plants and flowers and trees. I went with my friend Ashley on a chilly Saturday afternoon so there weren't too many butterflies flying around. It became sort of like a game to have your eyes open on the look out for them, some of the butterflies camouflage very well with the plants and flowers. The set up was basically just a long path through these trees and plants that had little benches and railings/ledges for you to see the butterflies up close, there was also a lady holding some different butterflies in her hand and then putting them on a tree branch near her. This exhibit captured my attention because of the beauty that it entailed. All the green mixed with the colourful plants and insects were all so pleasant to the eyes. It was a nice escape from everything you're used to seeing on campus. Something that I learned from this exhibit that I might not have understood through another medium was how important it is to keep animals and insects in an environment similar to their actual natural habitat. I'd like to think that the butterflies feel comfortable in this outside part of the museum because it is similar to what they would be used to in the outside world. This experience was enjoyable to me because I got to see so many different butterflies in one place and I was having a direct interaction with them, there was nothing stopping me from getting close to admire them, it was a very relaxed and personal visit.

Myself with a butterfly on some fruits.
A butterfly resting on a branch.
Myself in the butterfly wing.
A couple of butterflies on a branch.

Nature and Ethics: Even though not all the exhibits at the museum were like the butterfly one, I still thought all the exhibits were pretty cool because they displayed different environments in an artificial way. The museum did a great job in representing different habitats to to what I would consider quite accurate. Another thing I liked about it was how it was very easy to understand and walk through, it took you through time when needed and immersed you into a different world when going under water or even into the calusa estuary. When I went to the museum with Ashley, the new frog exhibit had just opened, we didn't really like this exhibit because the containers that the frogs were in were very tiny, all of them seemed extremely unhappy and the photos prove it, just look at the one directly below this paragraph. The butterfly exhibit was nothing like the frog one because it was a much larger environment and it seemed to give the butterflies a lot of space to roam freely. When creating museums it is important to make sure these spaces are as accurate and respectable as possible when it comes to representing cultures and the past; when it comes to the natural aspect of the museum it is important to ensure that the plants and animals within are in an environment quite similar to their own and in a space that would seem like their real home. This seemed like the case with the butterflies so it was unfortunate to find out that this was not the case with the frogs. This exhibit is temporary so after a couple weeks they will be moved, but it's not like they're going back in to the wild, they're probably just continuing on to another exhibit. This experience made me realize that I have to be aware of the natural world and realize what is right and wrong when it comes to animal and nature conflict.

Ashley and I capturing a picture of each other and the upset frog.
The frog looking disappointed.
Calusa people estuary display. Calusa people were one of the first in Florida.
Picture from the Calusa exhibit.

Nature and the Human Spirit: The Natural History museum helps us step out of our world because it takes us through time and history allowing us to appreciate what came before us and what is still with us. We often get caught up in our daily lives and forget to stop and smell the roses sometimes. There is so much that has occurred in past lifetimes and have paved the way for the life we live today. The natural history museum displays all of this, it allows us to appreciate life underwater, life on the ground, above the ground, life 100's of years ago, life thousands of years ago, life in present day, and many, many more. Every human being lives a different life, this museum gives us an opportunity to forget being a human being and to live as either an animal, or a plant, or anything else for that matter.

Marine part of the exhibit.
Myself in the marine part of the museum.
Myself with the estuary exhibit
Me with the frogs (you can see how small the tank is.)
Upset frog.
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