Winlock Timberland Library

Winlock Library History

The Winlock Timberland Library has been housed with City Hall, in a bookmobile during remodeling and in the present library building. The library was remodeled in 1987 and reopened to the public in 1988.

1987 article from Lewis County News

2020 Refresh

In 2020, Winlock Timberland Library was refreshed and improvements included:

  • New flooring and paint throughout the building
  • New blinds
  • New furniture
  • New mobile shelving to showcase New and Lucky Day books
  • New circulation desk with smaller footprint
  • New computer tables and chairs
  • Rearranged shelving with expanded aisles for more comfortable browsing
  • Installation of window for Library Takeout service

New Circulation Desk

The circulation desk was updated to be more flexible, allowing us to quickly adapt to patron needs.

Previous circulation desk was fixed in place
New circulation desk is mobile and has a smaller footprint

Updated Flooring and Paint

The previous carpet was replaced with laminated veneer lumber and the interior paint was refreshed throughout the building.

Example of carpet and paint before the refresh
Example of refreshed paint and flooring

New Computer Tables and Chairs

New computer stations allow for more open space.

Previous computer station
New computer tables and chairs

Rearranged Shelving

Shelving was rearranged with wider aisles to improve the browsing experience.

Previous shelving arrangements had narrower aisles
New arrangement with wider aisles improves accessibility for all patrons
New mobile shelving showcasing our New and Lucky Day collections

New Furniture

New furniture options are more comfortable and easier to clean.

Previous furniture
New furniture
New seating available

Library Takeout Window

A new window was installed, allowing us to improve our Library Takeout services.

Library Takeout window
The Winlock library renovation was made possible thanks to TRL funds approved by the Board of Trustees.