Plate Boundary project By: Tyler Inthapaseuth (This background is an attempt at being funny)


Divergent Plate boundaries move apart from each other. The type of stress these plates go through is Tension. Some of the landforms it creates is Mid-Ocean Ridges and Continental Rifts. Here are some examples!

Don't suppose that's Bear Grylls, do you? Oh, this is an Mid-Ocean Ridge
You'd think we'd have better hd photos of the Juan de fuca ridge, right? it's 2017, google. step the production up! but here is the juan de fuca ridge.
the east african rift.
rio grande...don't take it for "grande"!...i try with puns, i really do...


Convergent Boundary Plates just smash into each other. They suffer from stress. No, not the type before a test. When they smash into each other, they're compressed together. They can make Ocean Trenches, Mountain Ranges, and Volcanic Arcs! You want some more examples? Well, whether or not you asked for it, here you go!

welcome to the himalayas! the closest I'll ever get to it...;-;
the aleutian volcanic arc! i don't have any good puns or jokes for this one, sorry!
this is from the national geographic channel. this is the mariana trench! look at the shallowness of the water. Sheesh...


Transform Plate Boundaries grind against each other. As you put it, Mr. Wallace, like the mixers we have at Hocker Grove. We're ALL grinding on each other. But back to the point. Transform Plate Boundaries go through something called "Shear Stresses". Like scissors to cut paper, or a literal Shear to cut Sheep's Wool off. They create Transform Faults and Fault Zones. Here are some of those examples!

Even though this isn't real life, it still kind've explains the transform faults of the mid-ocean ridge
Looks like a giant kid put his toe in the sandbox and dragged it in there for a long time. but that's just the San andreas fault!
Look at those 360p faults in the pacific ridge. if only i found a picture bigger than 500 x 500...

Real Life Occurrences

These plates move ALL the time. Even right now as we speak. These plates are moving right now as you're reading this and sitting down to read this. They're probably even moving while I'm typing this down. But some Real Life Occurrences have happened, and even has affected the lives of millions.

March, 2011, Northeastern Japan, an Earthquake at about 9.0 hit Sendai in Japan. Creating a Tsunami, wiping out several coastal cities and towns. About 22,000 estimated dead or missing. A truly horrifying experience. Sucks to live on a Convergent Boundary.
A Mid-Ocean Ridge, mentioned at the beginning. A Divergent plate, spread open at the bottom of the ocean floor. Although it doesn't affect anyone, it sure does affect the Ocean Floor!
The Alaskan Earthquake, at about 9.2 Magnitude, shook up the land and created tsunamis. Being one of the deadliest occurrences in Alaska, Transform Boundaries created them.


Hopefully the terrible jokes and attempts at being funny can raise the grade for this

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