What is the Constitution


In Article I, the Legislative Branch is the main focus. The job for the branch is to make laws. The two houses of Congress are Senate and House of Representatives.

Section 2

The branch of Congress is mostly about the House of Representatives. A representatives term is two years. A representative must be atleast twenty-five years of age. Representatives must be in the United States for seven years to be legible to become a representative.

Section 3

Section 3 is mostly about the Senate. Each state can receive two Senators. The United States has one-hundred Senators. A Senator serves six years in Congress. All Senators are not elected at the same time. They are divided equally.

Section 4

Section 4 is mainly about Congress. Congress meets once every year. Congress meets the first Monday of December.

Section 5

Section 5 is mostly about elections and judges. A quorum is the number of members of a group or organization required to be present to transact business legally. Either House has the power to remove a member of each House.


Article II is mainly about the executive branch. The job for this branch is to enforce laws. The President is in charge of this branch. The president is in charge for four years.

Section 1

Section 1 was mostly about Electoral College and the President. There are 583 electors in the Electoral College today. There are no Senators or Representives in the Electoral College.


In Article III it is mainly about the executive branch. The branch's job is to enforce laws. There is one Supreme Court. A judge can be impeached.

Section 2

Does the Supreme Court hear every case? No they don't hear every case only the serious cases. Appellate Jurisdiction is the courts power to review, revise, overrule, or affirm decisions.


Amendment 1: The right to free speech, press, assembly, petition, and religion.

Amendment 2

Amendment 2: The right to bear arms

Amendment 3

Amendment 3: No quartering of troops in peacetime.

Amendment 4

Amendment 4: Guards against unreasonable searches and seizures.

Amendment 5

Amendment 5: The right to due process and no double jeopardy.

Amendment 6

Amendment 6: The right to a fair and speedy trial.

Amendment 7

Amendment 7: Right to a jury trial for criminal and some civil cases.

Amendment 8

Amendment 8: Prohibits excessive bail and no unusual punishment.

Amendment 9

Amendment 9: Addresses our unenumerated rights.

Amendment 10

Amendment 10: Federal powers are not stated in the Constitution are reserved for the states.

Amendment 11

Amendment 11: Any state can be sued by a U.S. citizen.

Amendment 12

Amendment 12: Changes in electoral college procedures.

Amendment 13

Amendment 13: Abolishes and prohibits slavery.

Amendment 14

Amendment 14: Citizenship due process equal protection.

Amendment 15

Amendment 15: U.S. cannot prevent a person from voting because of race, color, or creed.

Amendment 16

Amendment 16: Congress is given the power to tax incomes.

Amendment 17

Amendment 17: The direct election of senators

Amendment 18

Amendment 18: Prohibition of liquor.

Amendment 19

Amendment 19: Women gain the right to vote.

Amendment 20

Amendment 20: Procedures for outgoing president and the new president coming in.

Amendment 21

Amendment 21: Repeal of prohibition (18th Amendment).

Amendment 22

Amendment 22: Limit on presidential terms.

Amendment 23

Amendment 23: District of Columbia receives electoral votes.

Amendment 24

Amendment 24: Prohibits federal and state governments from charging poll tax.

Amendment 25

Amendment 25: Presidential succession and presidential disability.

Amendment 26

Amendment 26: 18 year olds gain the right to vote.

Amendment 27

Amendment 27: Any change in congressional salaries takes place after the general election.

What does the constitution wan to me?

The constitution means to protect the people and I. The consitituion has laws that protect us. As a American citizen these are our rights and they protect us the people.
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