Mr Bean Richard curtis and robin driscoll

  • Publisher:Penguin Readers(Spain)
  • Year:2000
  • ISBN:978-1-4058-8443-3
  • No. of pages:47

This is a humorous and funny book.

There are a lot of interesting dialogues and pictures.


Mr Bean is a very strange man. He has lots of problems dealing with other people. In the story, Mr Bean works in a famous national gallery in London. He is sent to the Grierson Gallery in Los Angeles to talk about a famous painting called Whistler’s Mother.

Mr Bean goes to stay with David Langley, who works at the gallery. David’s family is not very happy because they think he is strange.

Once they go to fairground, Mr Bean gets into trouble with the police, but this is nothing compare to what he does at the gallery.

When Mr Bean leaves to look after the famous painting, he is ruin and has to think of an elaborate scheme to make things right. Then, he also cures David’s daughter Jennifer who has an accident. Things look good for Mr Bean, although after a few years the truth about the painting is finally discover.

Mr Favourite Character

Mr Bean is my favourite character.He is a wonderful man. Mr Bean always gives a silly speech but everyone is very happy. He always does something wrong but no one hates him.

He had his own half-hour TV programme, which became the highest-rated comedy series in British history.


After reading this book and the stories of Mr Bean, I think we should always be optimistic everything around us. And we shouldn't give up when we are facing the challenge. We must find some ways to solve the problems like Mr Bean in the story.

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Kingsley Yip

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