Teacher Tenure By Tiffany Short

Teacher tenure is a policy that restricts the ability to fire teachers, requiring "just cause" rationale for firing. Individual states each have established their own tenure systems. Tenure provides teachers with protections by making it difficult to fire teachers who earn tenure.
In the state of Iowa there is no teacher tenure, instead the Iowa Code governs school districts and does state that the decision to terminate a teacher shall be for "just cause".
In the state of Missouri there is a Missouri Teacher Tenure Act that affords teachers to be tenured on the first day of their sixth consecutive school year with the same district. Once a teacher is tenured they are considered a "permanent teacher" as opposed to year by tear contracts until tenure.
When comparing Iowa vs Missouri tenure both states require "just cause" to terminate a teacher. However in Missouri there is actually a teacher tenure act that will protect teachers more. The guidelines for termination are more strict then they are in Iowa thus allowing teachers to feel more protected by the state.
I feel as though I would feel more secure in a state that supports teacher tenure such as Missouri. With tenure I would feel as though I am no longer on "probation" and have a more secured teaching position.
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