All Saints CE Primary School 10th June 2020 Newsletter

I hope this newsletter finds you all well. School has felt very different since half term- we have loved having more of our All Saints' team back in school, but we are very aware that we are still missing lots of you. The children in school have been so sensible and have adapted amazingly well to all of the changes we have made to keep us all safe.

Class Structures for Next Year

We don't currently know how school is going to look in September due to the effects of Covid-19. However, we are delighted to be able to share with you our class structure for the next academic year which is as follows:

EYFS - Miss Carte

EYFS - Miss Fraser

Year 1 - Mrs Wagg (Mon-Wed) and Mrs Barton (Wed-Fri)

Year 1/2 - Miss Glenn

Year 2 - Mrs Morrison

Year 3/4 - Mr Wyness

Year 3/4 - Miss Ellingworth

Year 3/4 - Mrs Hirons

Year 5 - Mr Duncan

Year 6 - Mrs Allen (Mon-Thurs) & Mrs Thompson (Fri)

The children in Years 5 and 6 will be taught in three smaller mixed year group classes in the mornings for English and Maths. The teachers of these groups will be Mrs Allen, Mr Duncan and Miss Carvell (Mon-Wed) and Mrs Palmer (Thurs-Fri) job-sharing.

At the forefront of our decision making has been the time that children haven't be in school due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This is the reason why we have not chosen to have three Year 1/2 classes as per this year. Having a Year 1 group gives us the opportunity to provide a slower and smoother transition from the play based EYFS curriculum to the more formal Key Stage 1 curriculum. I hope this structure reassures you.

We have not, as yet, allocated children to class teachers but will be doing so in consultation with the teachers over the next few weeks. We will be taking into account friendship groups but I'm sure you understand that this cannot be our only consideration when putting classes together.

Parent Survey

Thank you to everyone who completed our recent Parent Survey- we are over the moon with our positive comments and really appreciate all feedback. We take on board all points made and will be working hard to address any "even better ifs". We are incredibly proud of our school. You should all have had an email with the full results of the survey or it can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gAKymVgeJGHU9OQW3RKo3QEONbHL0tlBsE3FCf9P9l8/edit?usp=sharing

These are some of the comments made :

Positive Comments

‘Amazing staff, very approachable and friendly.’

‘I have seen some wonderful changes recently.’

‘This school was the best choice for my child.’

‘I absolutely love this school, they have been very welcoming.’

‘If I have a problem, they take my concerns seriously and deal with them.’

‘I am a big fan of the school for many reasons.’

‘The school has made huge improvements in a relatively short period of time. It is welcoming, forward thinking and there is a sense of belonging.’

‘Communication is much better and the increased social media activity makes us all feel much more connected.’

‘As parents we could not be more grateful to All Saints and its’ child focused approach to education and well-being.’

Even Better If……

More clubs.

Further opportunities for whole families to come into school.

Teach a language from Reception onwards.

More consistent feedback for homework.

More opportunities for children to take part in competitive sport.

Rethink of the two ticket rule for productions.

Problems with editing assignments on Google Classrooms.


All school reports will be ready on July 3rd this year. The report format has changed from last year in order to give us more space to comment on core subjects and to give a bigger focus on "the whole child" in our general comment.

If your child is in school then we will send their report home with them as usual. If your child is not in school then I will have a table in front of school between 1:15 and 2:15pm on Friday 3rd July, when you are welcome to come and collect your child's report from me. If reports are not collected on this day then we will post them.

Mrs Palmer


Join the Silly Squad and the Let's Get Silly Ambassadors for an afternoon (ending with a bedtime story) of family fun!

The Summer Reading Challenge 2020 launched on Friday 5th June and you can join the Silly Squad on a new adventure by setting your own personal reading challenge to complete this summer. Create a free profile to keep track of your books, reviews, and all of the special rewards you unlock along the way. You'll also find heaps of super silly activities, quizzes, videos, games and more to keep you entertained at home. This year's Challenge runs from June to September, so there is plenty of time to take part and get silly this summer.


We hope you are all enjoying our new online platform ASUS Go! We have had lots of positive feedback already which is greatly appreciated.

We are really looking forward to being able to send home our first batch of certificates and to do our first shout outs on Social Media and during our online Celebration Assembly. Later on in this newsletter, you will see some of the fabulous work which has come in already as well as some of the work that has been going on in school.

Thanks also to those of you who completed our survey, helping us to keep in touch with you all. We have taken on board all of your feedback and appreciate your time each week to do this. It really helps us to know how you are all feeling and to get the "children's voice" too.

All Saint's Superstars

Lots of fabulous activities have been going on at home and at the hub this week.

Look at all this amazing year 6 work. They have been practising their art skills observing leaves and trying to mix colours and add shade. They have also been creating their own "Fantastic Beasts" and writing factfiles for them.

Payton in year 5 has also been doing some artwork looking at leaves while at home- beautiful!

Iris in Pine class has been doing some fabulous writing at home

Iris C, Noah G and Nicolas from Oak class have been working hard at home - a super book review story and some tricky science!

Maisy-Rose has also been learning about plants- completing diagrams and creating her own wordsearch!

WOW! Alexander has been working so hard on TT Rockstars- 1.5 seconds per question! That is amazing!

Kristian has been out spotting birds and collecting facts about them- super work!

Happy Birthday from all at All Saints for this week goes to ...

Rici in Little Acorns

George in Year 1

Henry in Year 4

Payton in Year 5

Riley and Josey in Year 6

We hope you have a lovely day!

Beat The Street

Beat The Street Blaby are currently promoting Bike Week from 6-14 June. There's lots of ideas to get the kids out cycling and if you send in pictures, you could win a prize! https://www.cyclinguk.org/bikeweek

Wellbeing and Support

The COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty of when life will return to normal can be difficult to think about and deal with. If you are concerned for your mental or emotional health and wellbeing, or that of a loved one, here is a list of links which will take you to advice and support services available to those living in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.




Nominate us to win £5000 of Book Tokens


We are trying to complete the build of our new library and update books in classrooms this year. If you get chance, please think about nominating us to win this prize and share with friends and family too!