The State of The Detroit Lions

By Owen Klein 10/4/2019

Resilience, per google definition, is defined as being “able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.” To me, there is one key word: withstand. Although “withstand” in the context of the definition of resilience may be broad, I think it perfectly encapsulates the state of the now 2-1-1 Detroit Lions. Going into week 4, almost everyone (myself included) considered the upcoming matchup against the Chiefs a throw away game: one the Lions could afford to lose. If the Lions lost to the Chiefs, they would go into their bye-week with a 2-1-1 record. Not too shabby for the Lions. Going into the game alone, many were surprised that the Lions [technically] had an undefeated record. However, the game against the Chiefs came as even more of a surprise. Although I didn’t watch the first half myself, I can tell (based on following the game on my phone and the reactions from friends who were watching) that the Lions came out ready to go. Lions’ Quarterback Matthew Stafford came out slinging, and first quarter finished with the scoreboard reading Lions 10, Chiefs 0. Now that was unexpected. You’d never expect the Lions, out of all teams, to limit the best offense in the NFL to zero points in the first quarter. Especially considering that Darius Slay, Detroit’s best defensive back, was injured and ruled out for the game. However, the last 3 quarters were drastically different from the first, as they were filled with injuries, turnovers, and game-changing calls made by the referees. Whether or not those three factors would’ve changed the outcome of the game is irrelevant. Although they eventually lost, I am proud of the Lions for defying the common assumption that they didn’t stand a chance Sunday afternoon. When the best quarterback in the world, namely Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes, doesn’t have a single touchdown in a 34-30 game, is is clear that the Lions’ defense was doing something right. Next week, the Lions have a bye week, where they can get healthy, work on ball control, and prepare to go to Green Bay, Wisconsin to take on the Packers for should be a thriller.

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