1896 - Civil and armed campaign for independence from Spanish rule begins.
1898 December - During brief Spanish-American War, US Navy destroys Spanish fleet in Manila Bay. Spain cedes Philippines to US, which proclaims military rule.
1902 - Philippine-American War formally ends as US civil government replaces military rule. Some independence forces fight on until defeat of Moro resistance in south in 1913.
1935 - A plebiscite approves establishment of Commonwealth of Philippines. Manuel Quezon is its first president. Philippines promised full independence within 10 years since they always wanted independence. in 1946 they gain their independence but move to celebrated it on June 12.
1981 - Martial law lifted. Marcos wins presidential elections. Also the constitution change allowing him to have great power.

H- US used to own the Philippines but they didn't supported that. So the us guaranteed their independence in 1946 and from their they became great allies.

A- This is for everyone to understand what this nation been through and how they contribute to the us and how they contribute to Philippines.

P- They want to be their own nation with their own government that will follow democracy even though their constitution was change later on after their independence.

P-The point of view is from the people of the Philippines to see a great future for their nation.

Y-The USA is been involved with the Philippines since the Spanish-american war This also shows are relation with the Philippines nation. Right now in 2017 we aren't friendly upon each other.

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