My Trip Around The Religious World A journey of religion and experiences

Day 1: Today I am starting my Journey. I will be exploring Hinduism as my first religion. I'm flying to Kolkata India. Then I will drive to Puri India where I will be going to the Jagannath Temple.

Day 2: I just landed in Kolkata. The flight was 1 day long. It is 3 pm. I am staying the night here then I will be driving to puri.

Day 3: I arrived in Puri after an 8 hour drive. I took a nap at my hotel and then I went to the temple. The temple is a sacred site. It was built to worship the god Jagannath, his elder brother, Balabhadra and their sister, Subhadra. The temple holds 3 Idols of the siblings. The idols are made of wood, while most idols are made of different kinds of stone. The temple is also religious architecture. The temple looks like a group of pyramids and a tower. It is not colorful and is all white or brown. It looks like it has been worn down a lot. It also looks very sacred or old.

Left and right: Jagannath Temple. Middle: Idols in the temple.

Day 4: Today I drove from Puri to Bodhgaya India. I will be exploring the Buddhism religion here. Tomorrow I will be going to the Bodhi Tree.

Day 5: I went to the Bodhi Tree. It is said to be the place where Buddha attained enlightenment. The tree is a symbol of Buddha being there for the people. It is an object of worship. Buddha is believed to have had 49 days of meditation under the tree. I also drove to Kushinagar to look at a Stupa.

Day 6: I went to the Ramabhar Stupa today. It looked like a giant ant hill. It was dome shaped. Also it was made of brick and was about 49 feet tall. It looked like a basic building. Kind of like and igloo.

Left: Ramabhar Stupa Middle and Right: Bodhi tree

Day 7: Today I flew from Gaya to Tel Aviv then I drove to Jerusalem. I will be going to the Dome of the Rock tomorrow. I will be studying Judaism for my next religion.

Day 8: I went to the Dome of the Rock today. It was built over the spot where it is said that the profit Muhammad ascended to Heaven. It is one of the holiest places in Judaism. Also Judaism architecture has mosques built with the dome just like the Dome of the Rock. They have the gold dome above them.

Dome of the rock.

Day 9: Today I went back to the Dome of the Rock. I studied the Islam history today. It is believed the profit Muhammad ascended to heaven there. It also was the original place that Islamic people would pray towards before it changed to Mecca. This also is part of the architecture. Mosques tend to have domes above them. They also sometimes have colorful outsides and material.

Left and Middle: Mosques Right: Dome of the Rock

Day 10: I stayed in Jerusalem for the last day. I studied Christianity today. I went to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. It is the place where Jesus of Nazareth was crucified. Also this is where he was said to be buried and resurrected. This also was part of the architecture. Churches are built as a place of prayer. Churches come in different ways. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre was very old. It looked like sand almost.

Top left and Bottom right :Church of the Holy Sepulchre Top right and Bottom Left: churches

Day 11: I flew home today. My adventure has ended. Thank you for joining me on this great journey. Until next time.


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